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Ne Yo Sued By His Once-Alleged Baby Mother For Defamation

Posted By on March 14, 2013

It seems the life of a Hip Hop Star is never boring. Even when you think you have won, the battle is not over. This seems to be the story for singer and entertainer, Ne-Yo. It seems that a woman that once accused Ne-Yo of being the father of her child is back on the scene and money is once again the issue.

According to a report from TMZ, Jesseca White, a woman that originally accused Ne-Yo of being her child’s father, has now sued him for defamation. Ne-Yo, was eventually absolved of the accusations after a paternity test proved that he was not the father of the child, however, White is now suing the singer because she says that certain remarks that he made concerning her on “Behind the Music” has defamed her character and it has placed her in an undue environment of hostility. She also says that the incident has caused her to loose clients as a photographer and graphic designer, thereby negatively impacting her career.

She says that she has been ridiculed and called derogatory names. She is seeking damages for loss of wages. At this the amount that White is seeking has not been publically disclosed.

To this point the singer has not responded to the suit as to how he plans to deal with it.