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Nick Cannon Discusses Growing Up In A Blood Gang Neighborhood

Posted By on April 9, 2014

Nick Cannon recently sat down with VladTV and discussed his upbringing. Cannon revealed that prior to getting his big break, he was living in a neighborhood notorious for Gangs.

“It was a Blood set, but it was one of those things where that’s the area that I grew up in,” he said. “I mean, even if you think of Southeast San Diego, the majority of the people from down there are from different Blood sets. So, it was one of those things where I never even tried to glorify that because I felt like I got out of that unscathed. I mean, I lost a lot of friends to senseless gang violence. A lot of people still locked up right now. So, I always try to downplay it and be like that cat that was allowed to get away from it.”

Cannon went on to describe an incident in which he got shot at.

“I remember that day,” Cannon said when asked about being shot at. “It was interesting too cause it was a time actually during high school where I felt like I was at a crossroads. I actually remember even having this conversation with my family. Like ‘Yo, a lot of my friends are getting shot. A lot of people I know, close to me are dying. I have an opportunity to be in this entertainment thing.’ And obviously everybody wants to be successful at something. But when one day people are shooting. There’s drive-bys at your school. And you’re going to football games and not really making it home. And the next day you can take a train ride to Los Angeles and don’t have to deal with any of that cause you’re in Hollywood. Yo man, once Nickelodeon called I locked in. I forgot about all of that stuff.”


Full interview below: