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Judge Orders Arrest Warrant For Nipsey Hussle

Posted By on February 17, 2014

Nipsey Hussle has been known for his hustle when it comes to music and he has definitely showed his passion for his career as reports claim he decided to skip court and focus on his music. The only bad part about focussing on his career more than his legal problems is that he is now a wanted man.

According to reports, Nipsey was charged with driving on a suspended license in 2012, and he was scheduled to go to a pre trial Thursday, but the rapper never showed.

 Here’s the deal … Nipsey was charged with driving on a suspended license back in 2012, and a pretrial hearing was scheduled for Thursday afternoon … but Hussle didn’t show up. (TMZ) 

Instead of going to court Nipsey hired an attorney to represent him while he finished up his tour, but the attorney was a no show at the court hearing and the judge decided to issue a warrant for the rappers arrest.

 Nip says he hired an attorney to rep him while he finished out the last leg of his tour … but the lawyer wasn’t in court either — and it pissed off the judge enough to issue a warrant for his arrest. (TMZ)