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N.O.R.E. Explains FatBurger Fight & Does Bad Acting

Posted By on February 24, 2009

    As we previously reported, N.O.R.E. was
arrested over the weekend for an altercation at a Miami Fatburger, now the Queens rapper is explaining what happened. In a video
chat, N.O.R.E. says "I never said 'do you know who i am' and there was
never any flowers." [watch here]. N.O.R.E. says the person the incident
included was a "hate black people, hate rappers type of people."
N.O.R.E. says "I think I did swing but I didn't connect so I don't think
you can charge me with an attempt to swing." [watch here]
    The CNN member is on a diet (even chronicling it with video
blogs) and when asked why he was at Fatburger N.O.R.E. said "I know how to
cheat…I know how to eat at Fat Buger. They have something called the vegetarian
burger." [watch here]

    In related
news, a new video hit the net today that shows N.O.R.E. getting robbed by a Perez
looking character [watch here]. N.O.R.E. is shown talking and drinking
with a friend when man-chick shows up at his door. The overly dramatically bad
acted skit can be seen, just [watch here]

Perez Hilton Robs N.O.R.E.


N.O.R.E. talks about being arrested in Miami