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ODB CD & DVD Tribute Package Coming

Posted By on April 21, 2009

    Almost five years since he died, his friends are coming together to pay their respects to the Wu-Tang rapper on both a CD and DVd. "All In Together Now Raw: A Tribute To The Ol’ Dirty Bastard," should hit stores next montnh THe package includes 10 tracs featuring The Rza, Masta Killa, Killah Army, 4th Disciple and Brooklyn Zu, among others.

    "We decided to put out a tribute album every other month until the documentary is released in November," he continued. "Each tribute disc will include a short trailer to promote the upcoming DVD documentary." The package also includes an interview with the young girl that ODB rescued from a car wreck when she was 4-years-old a, now 13 she remembers the the accident vivdly.