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ODB Gets Behind the Camera for Playboy.com

Posted By on August 12, 2003

Hip-hop star Ol’ Dirty Bastard might have just spent some hard time behind bars but his recent experience as a Playboy.com Guest Celebrity Photographer was anything but difficult.

As the father of more than one dozen children and the star of the new VH1 reality special, Inside/Out: ODB on Parole (Airing tonight, August 7 at 10 p.m. ET), one would assume that ODB has a pretty tight schedule but the wild rapper took some time out of his schedule to be a Playboy photographer for a day.

ODB’s photographic subject was the sultry Philly babe and Playboy Special Editions model Stacy Hetrick. Once the camera was in his hand and the model was posed provocatively on a green velvet couch, the boisterous tough guy rapper began to perspire and stammer. Luckily, as the shoot progressed ODB got the hang of it and enjoyed his time directing the blond beauty as she posed. Check out his photography skills at: here

How did ODB rate his efforts for Playboy.com? “I was a little shaky, shaky, shaky like,” he said. “But she’s a sweetheart and it was cool.” On his way out, we asked ODB if his Playboy.com experience might make it into one of his songs. “Yeah. Of course, no doubt, immediately.”

In addition, Ol’ Dirty Bastard participated in a “Dirty Dozen” interview for Playboy.com’s “Sex” section, where he talks about everything from getting down with groupies to what celebrity he’d most like to sleep with.

ODB is one of many hip-hop stars to join the ranks of Playboy.com Guest Celebrity Photographer. Stars such as Ludacris, Nelly, Ja Rule, DMX and Xzibit have all gotten behind the camera for Playboy and their Guest Celebrity Photography features can be found on Playboy.com