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ODB To be layed to Rest

Posted By on November 18, 2004

Ol’ Dirty Bastard will be laid to rest tomorrow (Thursday) November 18th at the Christian Cultural Centre in Brooklyn, New York.

A private ceremony will take place for the family and friends of the rapper, followed by a public memorial service, in which thousands are expected to attend.

According to the deceased rapper’s handlers, his estate is set to be divided among 7 of his children.

His wife, Icelene Jones, stated that she expected a battle to ensue over his estate, because the rapper did not leave a will.

Results from Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s autopsy thus far have been inconclusive, but an official statement is not expected for another week.

Sources stated that the rapper complained of chest pains prior to collapsing and dying at 36 Records in Manhattan on November 13th.

The New York Post reported that the rapper had been “up for two days” snorting cocaine. Other sources stated that shortly before his death, he was on various prescribed medications.

His manager dismissed the speculation, stating that the rapper had been laying low since he had been released from prison and had turned his life around.

In related news, executives at Spike TV are trying to determine what to do with a reality show they created with Ol’ Dirty, titled “Stuck on ODB.”

The show was filmed last summer and one contestant who was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet for five days and ordered to stay within 10 feet of Ol’ Dirty at all times.

If the contestant goes out of the designated 10 feet, the bracelet beeps and the contestant lost money out of a cash prize pot.

“Right now things are on hold due to the tragic circumstances,” a Spike spokesman said in a statement

Source: All Hip Hop