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Papoose Talks Arrists Lost In 2009 (Audio)

Posted By on January 4, 2010

   2009 now is now over and in the past but we cannot forget the people we have lost in the last year, luckily Papoose is there to help us remember. The New York rapper recently paid tribute to the memories of Michael Jackson, DJ AM, Dolla, Mr Magic and even actress Brittany Murphy in his new "Obituary 2009" track. In the new song, Papoose gives listeners a mini-biography of the performers. [Pappose – Remembers Artists Lost In 2009 – Watch Here]

    "This song goes out to everybody who didn't make it to see 2010," Pap starts the song with. "We gonna live for you. Take these bars and play 'em in the cemetery, put the ashes on the speaker if they wasn't buried, ask me if life is short I say very, this is the 2009 obituary/Keep your head up, don't let me see a drop, in 2009 we lost the 'King of Pop'/Born August 29, 1958, lead singer of the Jackson 5, they was great…Mr. Magic, a legend in hip-hop, his death was tragic/Born March 15th, in '56, the 'Magic Disco Showcase' was the sh*t/He paved the way so mixshows could be/Then he launched 'Rap Attack' in '83…RIP Brittany Murphy…RIP Roc Raida…RIP to Dolla, from the West to the East, RIP Ed McMahon, DJ AM rest in peace…" [Papoose – Obituary 2009 – Listen Here]

Papoose – Obituary 2009 (Track)