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Papoose Says the Story About Breaking Remy Ma Out Of Jail Is Bogus

Posted By on May 13, 2008

    As we previously reported, Remy Ma was scheduled to marry Papoose tomorrow but it was cancelled after Pap allegedly tried to smuggle a handcuff key to Remy Ma. Papoose was thrown in a cell and the wedding was cancelled. Papoose is now saying that isn't what happened at all. "The handcuff thing was ridiculous," Pap said at Remy Ma's sentencing, "The law states, if I carried a handcuff key into a prison, I would have been arrested."

    DJ Kay Slay reported that Papoose has always had a skeleton key on his key chain and it's been present every time he has visited Remy in jail. When Pap was asked to turn over his key to a security gaurd, Pap did so without incident. Pap, along with Remy's mom and 3 guests, was going to the wedding when he was pulled aside and thrown in a cell.

    Remys manager said it was a set up, saying "Pap has not missed one visit while she was at Rikers," continuing, "Every C.O. knows him. The skeleton key thing was bogus." "[Pap] knew something was up when they asked him to come back," he continued. "He never made it to the chapel. The officers told Remy they had to reschedule. No one told her what happened. She didn't find out until she spoke with Pap." When asked if they planned to reschedule the marriage, Papoose said "We're already married."