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Pastor Troy changes controversial title to Tool Muziq

Posted By on May 18, 2007

 Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy has decided to change the name of his upcoming album after a number of retail chains refused to sell his album due to its controversial title.

The album was entitled Saddam Hussein and was chosen as Pastor Troy's album title because of its metaphorical value.

Instead of Saddam Hussein, Pastor Troy's album will now be entitled Tool Muziq.

"The 'Saddam' title was just a metaphor for how I was comin' back for my shit, hostile takeover-style," Pastor Troy said in a statement. "I'm gonna bring genocide to the rap game. It wasn't political or anything like that. I've got love for the troops, they've always supported me and I support them. So now I'm just gonna give'em Tool Muziq 'cause that's what this album is – hardcore gangsta s**t".

Tool Muziq boasts a number of well-known Southern producers and artists including Shawty Red, Drumma Boy, DJ Squeeky, Zaytoven, Gangsta Boo, and D4L's Fabo.

Although the name-change may have been a minor set back both Pastor Troy and his record company, SMC Recordings are eager for Tool Muziq's release.

"Troy has always been the epitome of an independent underground artist, but when he signed to a major they took the "fuck you" right out of him," Will Bronson, COO of SMC Recording's said in a statement. "Troy's got that passion back and for lack of a better phrase- we ready!"

Pastor Troy's Tool Muziq hits stores this Summer.