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PnB Rock Speaks On Going From Being Homeless To Billboard’s Hot 100

Posted By on May 4, 2017

During this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, HipHopDX sat down with PnB Rock and discussed his journey the past few years.

He recalls, “I never would thought I’d be here right now. If you know me, you knew my situation, my story, two years ago, I was homeless. I had just came home from 33 months from upstate prison. I ain’t had shit. I ain’t had no families, no friends, no nothing. I had friends, but they wasn’t going to make sure that I was in a better situation than I was in. So pretty much, I was out there doing nothing. I had this book of music that I knew was going to take off. I start putting my videos on Instagram, and shit started getting lit.”

PnB Rock also touched on how big of an impact Instagram had on his career, as well as what sets him apart from other current RnB acts:

“Whoever made Instagram, shout out to Instagram, I owe you a check,” he says. “I wouldn’t have these chains on. Instagram was my platform to put my music out there and let people know what I had. Any type of social media you could do that though.”

“I’m just coming with my style,” he says. “I think I got a different, unique voice. I’m talking about shit that I’ve been through. Different shit. I’m from the hood. I’m from Philly. I’m giving you everything that I got in me with this music. So that’s why I feel like I can separate myself from everybody else.”