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Killer Mike Sorry Over Jay-Z & 50 Cent Remarks

Posted By on December 17, 2009

    Grand Hustle's own Killer Mike recently clarified his past remarks (even gave an apology) where he said that 50 Cent and Jay-Z were copying his style of bringing back "hardcore" hip-hop. Killer Mike says his remarks were misunderstood by fans, some of who even thought they were starting a new beef. "I misspoke," Mike explained. "It was about hardcore hip-hop. I had just come off stage and a lot of times, because I know a lot of you guys asking me questions, I tend to talk like I'm talking about a friend and it appeared like I had been." [Killer Mike Says His Words Were Misunderstood – Watch Here]

     Killer Mike continued by saying he was not disrespecting the two rappers. "not disrespected but being disrespectful to Jay and 50, but I done got money with both of them. Jay allowed me an opportunity to make money. He let me on The Blueprint 2. 50 has me open — for him. First thing I want to say, I want to apologize for that even appearing disrespectful. But what I really wanna say to the audience is, hardcore hip-hop was, is and will always be and even though I appreciate the bigger guys turning to that, so that more people can pay more attention to it, that doesn't disallow the audience from finding dope sh*t." [Killer Mike Says He Did Not Disrespect Jay-Z and 50 Cent – Watch Here]

Killer Mike – Apologizes For Disrespectful Jay-Z and 50 Cent Remarks