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Rick Ross Gives His Thoughts On Meek Mill, Staying Out Of Lil Wayne/Baby Beef

Posted By on August 26, 2016

While talking to the guys over at Drink Champs Podcast, Rick Ross gave his thoughts on Meek Mill, and why he stays out of the Lil Wayne and Birdman beef.

As far as Meek is concerned, Renzel says he’s never taken a loss.

“Just on some G shit, nigga ain’t lose to nobody,” Rozay says on the Drink Champs podcast. “Y’all better study the game and how the game goes.”

“Just on some one thousand shit, you either be G enough to whatever the issue is, niggas bring it to the table or you just let it go out of control and see what happens,” Ross continues. “I always been one of the niggas so when I first spoke on it on The Breakfast Club, you seen I was obviously speaking in a peaceful tone because that’s my way of telling niggas, y’all niggas need to tighten up so niggas can get it right because if you assuming a nigga respect whoever your big homies is, you wrong. If you assuming me and for my dawg, I ain’t, you know. So it’s whatever. If it’s gonna be, whatever. If it’s gotta go there, man, Renzel gonna jump off the porch on your ass and that’s just the way I’ve always been and Ima die that way.”

Ross went on to explain how his friendship with Lil Wayne has kept him from getting in the middle of his beef with Birdman.

“Really all conversation that came to me, I just killed,” he says of Birdman reaching out to him. “Let’s just be about our business. We all owe each other that. Bringing bad business to my city, that wasn’t the vibe. Take care of your family. That’s what I do first.”

“The whole game, if you study the game, you done seen the biggest niggas, the wisest, it’s about being wise,” he says. “A fool is quick to go to war. It takes a wise man to put the plays together and keep it in a way niggas keep getting money at all times.”