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Royce Credits D12 For End Of Shady Beef

Posted By on September 12, 2011

      1/4 of Slaughterhouse, 1/2 of Bad Meets Evil, Royce Da 5'9" recently credited rap group D12 for helping to end his mid-2000's beef with Eminem.

"It kind of sorted itself out. A lot [of] things transpire, time heals everything. It wasn't anything that he did to me or anything, or anything that I did to him — We just kind of grew apart at that moment. There was a lot going on, a lot of money got thrown into the middle, a lot of other people involved," Royce explained in an interview. "I think once we lost Proof (the rapper was killed in 2006), the D12 guys [were] really instrumental in kind of bringing us back together. They always knew how close we were. And once I squashed the beef with them, they were real verbal with going to him and saying, 'Look, we're not beefing with Royce no more, [there isn't] a problem anymore.' And I think just one day he just decided he was going to call me, so he called me, and we been back at it ever since." (Kansas City)


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