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It’s Not A Rumor Anymore, Jim Jones Is NOT Signing With G-Unit

Posted By on September 10, 2007

Jim Jones is not signing to G-Unit. Rumors were bountiful last week that the Dipset/ Byrd Gang trendsetter would be signing to 50 Cent's label after the two appeared together on BET's "Rap City," but Jones says it was just an interview.

"50 was hosting 'Rap City' and he wanted Jim Jones to be his guest," he said. "That was a good look for me, I needed that. I been in my house for a couple months, I ain't been doing nothing. Why not come back out with the number one n—a in the whole entire music industry? Know what I'm talking 'bout?

"People love the controversy, people like to hear more than what it is," he added. "They automatically think if I'm next to him, somebody with his power and money and what he represents, that he's automatically trying to pull the wool over somebody's eyes and sign me. But we have a mutual respect and understanding for one another. I respect his hustle because he came in this game and in a few years changed the whole game and grossed more money than anybody else. With the hustle I'm on and the grind I'm on, it goes both ways. I went up to BET to chop it up with him."

Jim again reiterated that he's never had beef with 50.

"Who knows, in the future, you might see some Jimmy and 50 songs," he said. "Everybody else do it. I keep looking at the game and hear everybody beefing, but ain't nobody die yet. I think it's all a publicity stunt. I'mma go get my money because nobody wants beef. Where I'm from, you start beef when n—as start dying and the only person that died was my man Stack Bundles, God rest his soul. That was due to real circumstances we go through every day when you coming up on the streets. That's a f—ed-up situation to even have to mention. The game is bullsh–, so I rather go get my money."

If you're wondering, Jim has no idea what Cam'ron thinks of all this or anything else — his once inseparable homie is nowhere to be found.

"Finding Cam's like finding Nemo," he laughed. "When you see him, tell him I'm looking for him. Smell me?"

You couldn't find Cappo in Las Vegas over the past weekend for the VMA Awards. Ballin' is tailor-made for the city, but Jim's a bit upset he didn't get any nominations.

"I had the #1 song in the world last year statistically, and I didn't get nominated for anything, so why should I come out there? … Nobody had more spins than me. … They gonna tell me the Jones don't get nominated?"

Still, he managed to look on the bright side. "But we win some, we lose some. We take the good with the bad. I'll be back."

Jim's next album is due to drop in March, while the Byrd Gang album is coming in November.