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RUMOR: Wu-Tang Recording Album Without RZA?

Posted By on December 10, 2007

With Wu-Tang’s fifth studio album 8 Diagrams hitting stores tomorrow (Dec. 11), Raekwon spoke to MTV about his plans to record a new Clan album without RZA called Shaolin vs. the Wu-Tang. Rae has been very vocal in the last month about his discontent with the musical direction in which RZA took the new Wu album, claiming the other members didn’t have enough input. When asked about his plans for a RZA-less Wu album, Raekwon had this to say:

“That’s how I feel right now…It’s coming and it’s gonna be a lesson learned. That’s a lesson to bust the Abbott’s ass and let him know what we do. At the end of the day, if nobody don’t do nothing, Chef’s gonna show and prove. You [can only] hold in but so much, my dude.”

He continued:

“You dealing with a whole crew collectively, and [our] collective thoughts…You gotta keep that a part of the protocol. That wasn’t a part of the protocol — we still try to give this man as much props as he deserves, ’cause he did so much. It’s like listening to [Michael] Jordan, saying, ‘Follow my hand.’ But at the same time, Jordan ain’t been around for a while. So now it’s gotta be about the team. Ain’t no I’s in team. When Jordan’s head gets too big, you gotta tell Jordan that’s what it ain’t about. It’s team.”