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RZA Responds To The Game’s Claims

Posted By on February 1, 2011

     Wu-Tang Clan member RZA recently came forward to respond to things fellow rapper Game made claimung that he threatened to seek legal action for using the "Heartbreaker" track from his new "Purp & Patron" Mixtape.

"Tired, and on this twitter to respond while I am in China working. I have nothing but love for Game.," RZA tweeted Monday (January 31). (RZA's Twitter)

     Following RZA's tweet, a statement was released with specific details on the situation.

"This is Tam, [RZA's] assistant. The issue boils down to we wanted to get the song on the album that was coming out for Game at the time. We went to the studio that night and Game felt the track and it was all good. The issue came about when it did not make it to the album because there was not enough time to clear the track. We spoke with Tony Martin, who informed us that the track would not be used and if it was, we would be notified. Now, that being said, they put it on a mix tape and never said anything to us; and we got an offer to have the tracked purchased by someone else. So this is not anything personal, and RZA has nothing but love for Game, but this is business and in all fairness, it would have been cool if they would have just let us know what the intent was, because we began soliciting the track for purchase and its looks like this was a double sale issue when it wasn't." (Statement)


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