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RZA Weighs In On Jay-Z, Solange Fight; Addresses Donald Sterling’s Remarks

Posted By on May 29, 2014

RZA has been hitting the press junkets hard nowadays, promoting his new show, “Gang Related”. While being interviewed, RZA was asked to speak on the infamous Jay-Z, Solange incident.

“Nah man, I don’t know,” said RZA when asked how he felt about the fight. “Cause you can’t hear what they were saying, but we all got family, man. You know what I mean? It’s always somebody in the family that just make your day go different, man. It’s probably one of those days for him. But blessings to their family. To me they’re one of the most beautiful families we have in America. Especially in Hip Hop. It’s a very unique family, him and Beyoncé. And they really represent so much black love for us. But look, we got crazy cousins, crazy sisters, crazy aunts and uncles in our families, man. That happens. And I ain’t saying Solange cause I know her personally. She’s a real good artist herself, but that’s family. So, they’ll figure that out.”


RZA was also asked about the recent remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“What he did was his own mistake,” RZA said. “You know what I mean? But I don’t like the idea that whatever somebody do—I mean, I don’t agree with what he did, right. But he was just talking to one of his chickenheads on the phone, yo. That’s like me calling up…Even if I was just talking to my wife on the phone and I was like ‘Yo, this mothafucka try to cut me off. This big head, fuckin crazy-looking Italian mothafucka’ or something. And the next thing you know people say I don’t like Italians when I love Italians. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t saying that’s his case though. But you talk on the phone with somebody or you talking to somebody in the privacy of what you dealing with, I thought that meant something, but I guess that don’t mean nothing no more in this country either.”