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RZA Talks Producing For Jay-Z & Kanye West

Posted By on August 1, 2011

     Wu-Tang's own RZA recently explained how he ended up producing the "New Day" track for the upcoming Kanye West and Jay-Z collaboration album, "Watch The Throne." 

"I'm really honored to be a part of the project," he said. "These two are obviously very capable in their own right, so to include me in this classic project is a testament of how much respect we share for one another." (Rollingstone)

     RZA explains that he was on the set of his "The Man With The Iron Fists," which is his directorial debut, when he got a call from Kanye to send over some beats. 

"Kanye asked me to send tracks while they were in Australia," he continued. "I just thought I would send some shit that would be rugged. I know they can find the poppy, hip-hop places, but I wanted to send them some real edgy shit. Apparently they thought they were great – Kanye said, 'Send some more of that Wu shit!'" (Rollingstone)

“In the past, when Jay-Z did Best of Both Worlds with R. Kelly, I thought it was a great album but the campaign went south because of personalities," he said. "With this project, it's the best of many worlds. These two guys have a great chemistry and a great relationship. I'm excited."(Rollingstone)


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