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RZA Talks Redman’s Wu-Tang Membership Status

Posted By on November 19, 2010

     Earlier this week Redman caused some buzz with his side comment that he was a member of Wu-Tang saying "I am a Wu-Tang member and Method Man, he been a Def Squad member way
before I was a Wu member," adding "I was like a Wu member but I
wasn't official. But [Erick] Sermon made Meth a Def Squad member back in
the day. I became a Wu member about 5 years ago. I am the 11th member
of Wu."

     Now Wu-Tang founding member RZA has weighed in on the topic. Recognizing Redman has been cool with Wu-Tang for nearly twenty years, RZA says Redman's the closest unofficial member of the Clan.

"Ah man, we love Redman, he knows that," RZA told SOHH. "Redman has always been with us. You know how many times we had Redman spitting in the studio or sitting in the car smoking? [laughs] Or how about how many times he's been popping up onstage with us because he always wanted to pop up and show love? If you look at his old videos, when Wu wasn't on TV, he was on TV rocking Wu Wear back in the days like that. In Wu-Tang, we call each other brothers because we grew up so many years together. But Redman is definitely like a first cousin." (SOHH)


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