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Saigon Says He & Just Blaze Still On Atlantic

Posted By on February 3, 2010

     Saigon says that contrary to many
internet rumors, he is still signed to Atlantic Records. The New York rapper
says besides himself, producer slash rapper Just Blaze is also still
contractually obligated to Atlantic. "We still on Atlantic man, we just
getting out of there," Sai said in an recent interview. "Still on
Atlantic bro, that's the thing. They the real paper gangsters man. Everyone
talking about, 'They still won't let me out my contract,' you play with them,
you deal with some serious dudes. Nah, we didn't get off, we just tried to fake

     Sai says that tactic didn't work. "But it wasn't
working, that's why I laid low for a minute, I was gonna try to disappear off
the radar 'cause they don't wanna see you go up the street being successful so
they just hold you in with the paperwork. They just sent over the papers for
the release but the conditions are kinda iffy, because they like 'We spent this
and this kind of money,' so they want when I go somewhere else, to pay
them…Until they come back with something decent — then we gonna keep it

Saigon – Says He Is Still Signed To Atlantic Records