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Saigon Ranks Just Blaze Over Kanye West

Posted By on November 11, 2010

     New York's own Saigon recently broke down former Roc-A-Fella producers Just Blaze and Kanye West, naming his favorite of the two. Despite stating his high interest in Kanye's work, Saigon says that Just Blaze is the better beatmaker.

"I'm not even being biased–100 percent honest–I would have to say Just Blaze is a better producer than Kanye West. Just is more versatile. Kanye West shines when he does those soulful-type music–"You Don't Know My Name," "All Falls Down." But I think Just Blaze masters that. He can do that, then he can do a song like "PSA," "Can't Let You Go" by Fabolous, and it sounds totally different. He's doing real pop-eclectic stuff [now] and it sounds incredible. They're both super-great, but the only producer I'd compare to Just is Timbaland. That's the only producer with that versatility." (VIBE)    

     In related news, Billboard magazine recently ranked the "Top Producers Of The Decade" in December of 2009. Below is the top ten of their list…

Hot 100 Producers: 1. The Neptunes 2. Timbaland 3. Kanye West 4. Scott Storch 5. Will.i.am 6. Jonathan "Lil Jon" Smith 7. Stargate 8. Bryant-Michael Cox 9. Jermaine Dupri 10. Dr. Luke (Billboard Biz)


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