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Scarface Talks About Working With Jigga, Says He is Still Waiting on a Beat That D.J. Premier Owes Him

Posted By on February 3, 2013

The Godfather of Southern Rap recently sat down with Complex for an interview with Complex to talk about his twenty years in the industry, working with Jay-Z and a collaborative that he is doing with Beanie Sigel “Mac & Brad”.

During the interview, Face discusses his relationship with Brooklyn Veteran rapper Jay-z. Scarface says that he met Jay-Z in Los Angeles while he was there recording “The Last of a Dying Breed”. The memory that sticks out to him most is how stunned he was by the speed at which Jay-Z can lace a track and the mind-blowing fact that Jigga never physically wrote down is lyrics.

“I met Jay-Z in 1998 or 1999. I was recording The Last of a Dying Breed and Jay-Z was out there doing something in L.A. and I met him,” he recalls. “Jay-Z came in to lay a couple records down for me. He was so damn fast it was sick the shit that he did. For the longest I thought he had pre-written shit and he would drop that down. But as time went on, I realized he was a freak of nature. He can hear a beat three times, listen to the beat ride once all the way through, and then lay his verse. I’ll be at the board writing my verse and he’ll already be gone. He’ll come in there sit, chat, and laugh, and then the beat will come on and he’ll write that shit in the middle of a conversation. The music will be playing and he’ll zero in and be like, ‘Ooh, ooh,’ and then lay that shit.”

The Houston Rapper also remembered working with Guru and DJ Premier on the song “Betrayal” which was on Gang Starr’s 1998 “Moment of Truth” Album. Face says that he was promised a track for his services on that song, but he is yet to receive it years later.

“They sent me a verse, and a beat for me to write my part on,” he said. “I did it on strength but by the end of the day, Premier still owed me a beat. He still owes me a beat 20 years later. And every time I talked to him he’ll be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I didn’t forget about you.’ Bullshit, you forgot about me. That’s my boy though, that’s my partner. H-Town native.”