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Scarface Talks Leaving Def Jam Top Spot

Posted By on April 23, 2010

     Scarface recently explained leaving his Def Jam and the South President spot a few years ago. "I think when the powers, Lyor [Cohen], Kevin [Liles] — when everybody left Def Jam, when the wigs left, like, I was over there with LA Reid," Face revealed in an interview with radio personality EI8HT. "And I didn't know what kind of sh*t was getting ready to go on over there. So I wanted to save him the hassle of dealing with me because I know I'm not the easiest motherf*cker in the world to deal with. And I respect the move and the decisions that he made by releasing me because I asked him, man to man, to release me and he said, 'Well, you know I would like to at least sit-down and talk to you but if you still want to leave, I understand.' A couple of my friends got on that flight to see LA Reid, but I never got on it. I didn't feel the need to…I was long gone before Jay-Z took over. Then I was like oh sh*t, let me get my a** back over here. [laughs] We live with the decisions that we make and I was ready to get the f*ck on because I didn't feel like LA was gonna be for me. I felt like LA was a musician, an artist too, and I didn't really want anybody interfering with the way I thought about my music, the way I made up my sh*t. So I thought it would be best to part ways…If I could do it all again, I'd take that meeting with LA Reid and I'd still be over at Def Jam South, I'm sure because I don't know what's coming out on that label anymore. "

Scarface Talks Leaving Def Jam South Head Position