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Scarface Doesn’t Think Donald Sterling Should Apologize

Posted By on May 7, 2014

Scarface Doesn’t Think Donald Sterling Should Apologize

Rapper Scarface just recently gave his thoughts on the infamous Donald Sterling controversy and why he feels Sterling shouldn’t apologize for his racist comments.

In Scarface’s opinion,  Donald Sterling shouldn’t feel like he needs to openly apologize for his leaked recording of his racist rant.

 “I don’t feel like he should apologize. Why should he? I don’t apologize. Why should he? Why would he? For what? Ain’t no–Sorry for what? Sorry for what? What you sorry about? ‘I’m sorry because I don’t like black people.’ No sir. Why you sorry about that?” (AHH)

Earlier this week, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz explained how he thought everyone has made a controversial comment in private before, but he did admit Sterling still messed up by getting caught.

 “I just think it’s a crazy situation. For me, period, I feel like some of us assume people in certain positions have this mind frame, or at least I do, without actually having to hear it but when you hear the confirmation, it makes you feel a certain way. But my whole opinion, I’m sure a few of us in here have said a few things to our friends whether playing or serious that we’re glad weren’t recorded and given to TMZ. … At the end of the day, he f*cked up.” (Chelsea Lately)

Check out Scarface‘s interview below: