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Scarface On Reality Raps “…it’s a well-crafted story that means everything”

Posted By on October 2, 2015

Scarface is a flat out legend in the game. While sitting down with VladTV,  the MC spoke on reality raps and authenticity in lyrics.

“I think at the end of the day, it’s a well-crafted story that means everything,” he said. “And if I can take you to where I’ve been and put you in that same environment. If I can say four, five words and grab you from there, then I got you. And it’s stories that we as artists can come up with that we are connected to. That we are a part of, participated in or not. Who’s that to say? We got secrets that we’ll take to the grave.”

He also went on to discuss Ice Cube as an inspiration, and the possibility of a joint album.

“I got some ties to Los Angeles,” Scarface said. “So, I kinda know who’s active and who not active. Who was active and who wasn’t active. In Cube’s defense, man, Cube was a genius…I feel like if you can paint a picture on a canvas of art so vivid and so twisted and so demonic and so authentic, then that should just be what it is. Like ‘Wow, that’s a great fuckin’ painting.’ Or ‘Wow, that’s a great fuckin’ house’…Denzel played the hell out of a bad cop, but I know that when he goes home, he’s not a bad cop. Or Ice Cube can write ‘A bitch is a bitch, so if I’m poor or rich I can talk in the exact same pitch.’ I know that when he goes home to his wife, he don’t feel like that.”

Peep the full interview below: