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Schoolboy Q Speaks On Diddy’s Business Sense; Says Kendrick Lamar Brought The West Back

Posted By on February 18, 2014

Schoolboy Q is gearing up for the release of  “Oxymoron” in just a few days (Feb 25) .In preparation, Q has been hitting radio stations and doing press like crazy lately.  The TDE rapper recently chopped it up with Hip Hop Nation and spoke on Diddy and his business sense. He also spoke on label mate Kendrick Lamar and his role in bringing back the West.


When speaking on Diddy, Q says he can’t help but look up to him.

“He’s one of the richest dudes in Hip Hop,” Q said. “He always look happy, even when he’s mad or something. He just got that glow about him, you know? …Diddy is that dude. Why wouldn’t you want to be called…’Puffy?'”

“You can’t be mad at Puff,” ScHoolboy Q said. “He did it his way. …He ain’t force nobody to sign with him. You signed over there. He’s just a businessman. Don’t be mad at him.”


On the topic of K.Dot, Schoolboy says he definitely brought the West Coast back to the forefront of Hip Hop.

“Everything just come full circle. South ran it. East Coast ran it. Midwest. West Coast. It’s just our turn again. We got the glow right now. We got the glow right now, and Kendrick, he led it off…for the Coast. We have a lot of albums drop on the Coast since then, but Kendrick was kinda the stamp of the Coast. Like, we back bruh. You need that person to be spittin’ bars, to sell some records to be able to step into the front like, ‘Yeah, we here.'”



Watch the full interview below:


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