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Scott Storch Says He Didnt Fall Off

Posted By on May 31, 2010

     Hit producer Scott Storch recently talked about his battle with drug addiction, saying even during the bad times he didn't "fall off." Even though it's looked at as a "comeback," Storch discusses his ability to use versatility in song-making. "One of the keys to my music over the years is there is no particular sound," Storch told DJ Skee in an interview. "I've had strings of music like my Arabic stuff that I was doing for a while that I liked, but there's never been one thing that's why it's hard to even know like, 'Oh, that's a Scott Storch' record. That versatility of just trying anything, it keeps you able to work on anything and not get labeled as, 'You do this, that.' I didn't fall off, I fell, with my personal life and I had to rebuild. It's like, they say a champion isn't a true champion until he falls from the top. Stay away from cocaine. Save your money."

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