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GTA Charges Against Storch Dropped

Posted By on June 29, 2009

    The grand theft auto charges against Scott Storch have been dropped. The hit-producer was facing the charges after Atlas Leasing said he failed to return a 2004 Bentley Flying Spur after he was over seven months past due on the payments. After the producer plead not guilty in April, his lawyer Bradford Cohen said the charges have been thrown out because the company didn't give Storch the proper written warning. "You have to give seven days notice prior to filing a police report," Cohen explained about the Florida law.

    Scott Storch's lawyer did confirm that the Bentley in question was the one Storch gave as a gift to Lil Kim. "He gave them the address for Lil Kim or someone in his camp gave [them] Kim Jones’s address where the car was located. And he said ‘I don’t have the car, I would give it back to you if I had it, here’s where it is."