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Scott Storch Works On Detox For 6 Months

Posted By on August 25, 2010

     Hit-producer Scott Storch has reportedly been working on Dr Dre's upcoming, and highly anticipated, "Detox" album. After six months working on the project with Dr Dre, Scott Storch is on his way back to his Florida home. Acccording to Storch's manager Derek Jackson, Scott even helped produce the recently leaked unfinished "Under Pressure" track which features Dre and Jay-Z.

     "The reason he's been a little quiet is because Scott's been in LA since January working on the Detox," Jackson revealed in a interview. "So he and Dre came back together and a lot of people don't know why he's been so quiet…Dre need Scott and Scott needed Dre. So we went out to LA and we've been there since January and Scott just moved back about two weeks ago. So now we're about to get back ready to claim the seat. And let me tell you this, the first single 'Under Pressure,' that's not how it sounds. You all got a real misconstrued version of it and that's not how it really sounds. That's how it was in the early stages. [Scott produced it,] but it doesn't sound like that…Somebody leaked the version of what they just did. We cut the record when we first got there. Dre met Jay in Miami. They cut the vocals, kind of a beat up track, nothing really finished and that's what the track you guys got."

Dr Dre ft Jay-Z – Under Pressure (Detox; Unfinished)


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