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Sean Kingston Talks Jetski Crash & New Music

Posted By on August 3, 2011

     Sean Kingston recently opened up about his near-death jetski crash, first letting his fans know that he is now ok and doing well. "I'm doing good. I'm feeling great. I'm excited. I'm happy," he said. "A lot of people don't know it was a deeper situation. I had open heart surgery and I had two other surgeries; it was a life-or-death situation."

     Kingston then started to detail what exactly happened, including discovering he had a heart condition. "They were gonna send me home, but then I had felt a pain in my left chest, and I told my mom," he explained. "They rushed me and they did a lot of scans on me, [and] they said I couldn't leave." Kingston then got into his current state…"I'm 100 percent right now," he said. "I've been in the house chilling, about to start work on my new album. I got L.A. Reid now as my new president. I got a story to tell now."

     Now that Sean Kingston has recovered from the crash, he says that he is now hard at work, focussed on making good new music. "[I'm] focused on music again, about to start working on a new album and get back out there again," he said during the chat at his house in Miami. "I'm excited about the project. It's going to be really dope." Kingston then described what type of music he plans on doing…"I think it's definitely going to open up a lot of people, because now I got a story to tell," he later said. "The world needs to know what I'm coming with, 'cause I'm coming with straight heat. I've been down. I've been in the house coming up with ideas. My producer J.R., he's a hitmaker. It's gonna be my third album, I'm older now. It's gonna be crazy."

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