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Bobby Creekwater Leaves Shady Records

Posted By on August 14, 2009

     Well it looks like Shady Records has lost yet another artist, this time it's Atlanta based rapper Bobby Creekwater. In a new video Creekwater announced his plans to leave Eminem's label saying he simply couldn't afford wait any longer. [Bobby Creekwater Talks Leaving Shady Records – Watch Here]

     Claiming that there is no bad blood between himself and Eminem, he explained exactly why he is leaving. "We parted ways, it was a business decision," Creekwater revealed in an interview. "Just so you know, labels, in some cases, can choose to be a**holes, hold the artists on the label — put an artist through a whole bunch of bullsh*t to get free but they didn't. They understood my plight and I appreciate [manager Peter Rosenberg] for that, him and Em…I'm officially off of Shady…Basically it was this, Em, or Shady had to pay some bills. They had released some projects that didn't do as well as they planned or what have you so Em had to go and make that right. In Em making that right, Creekwater would have had to do more waiting and it's one of those things as an artist, you're your first concern…I couldn't afford to do any more waiting. It was the time to move on."[Bobby Creekwater Talks Leaving Shady Records – Watch Here]  

Bobby Creekwater Talks Leaving Shady Records