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Shyne Sticks By His New Rapping Style

Posted By on April 27, 2010

     New York's own Shyne recently opened up about his new form of flow and rapping style and why he's sticking by it. "[People] should be happy that I changed…I was monotonous and angry," he explained in an interview. "I can't give them that old sh*t. That anger you heard in the booth was really me. It was like listening to someone with Post Traumatic Stress [Disorder]…I'm comfortable with mine. I figured it out, but I'm not a communist. People want that sh*t, but I can't give it to them in the old way…I'm not no f*cking magician. You gotta make that sh*t…It's about having character and integrity. I don't care if I only sell one album."

Shyne – There Will Be Blood (50 Cent Diss)