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Shyne Talks Staying Relevant After 10 Years Away

Posted By on August 24, 2010

     New York (ish) rapper Shyne recently talked about how he has been able to stay relevant even after spending close to an entire decade in prison, on a shooting conviction. The former Bad Boy artist says that he was "chosen" to represent for the people.

      "The reason that I'm blessed and the reason I'm even existing today in a world with people's attentions so short and motherf*ckers don't even remember what happened ten minutes ago, or the last rapper from ten years ago, the only reason motherf*ckers are jacking Shyne is divine intervention," Shyne said in an interview about remaining relevant from prison. "It's because I'm for the people. I'm for my brother. I don't care what color, I don't care what rag you waving, if it's right, I'm with you. And that's like saying how did Martin Luther King's dream get recognized? How does Barack Obama exist? That's because what they were doing was right. It was never about Martin Luther King. It was never about Barack Hussein Obama. It was never about [Nelson] Mandela. It was never about Abraham Lincoln or John Quincy Adams when he defended the runaway slaves. It was about what was right. Men aren't great, men can just do it for great things to take place on this earth. God has preserved me because he knows I'm honest."

Shyne – Talks Staying Relevant After 10 Years In Prison