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Shyne Talks Recording Bad Bad Records

Posted By on September 27, 2010

      Former Bad Boy Records artist, Shyne, recently talked about recording ihs self-titled debut album and why he wanted Usher to be on the song.

      "I wanted Usher on that record. I had a whole different hook idea for that record. But what happen was when Harve [Pierre] got Barrington Levy to sing on the 'Bad Boyz' sh*t I guess he freestyled and threw him on that and muthaf*ckas loved it. And when muthaf*ckas get into something it's hard to be like, 'But hold on…' It wasn't a matter of taking [Barrington] off [of the record], it was a matter of, Yo, everybody saying this sh*t is crazy, I'm on my coconut sh*t anyway, so whatever we can 'G' with it."

Shyne, Barrington Levy – Bonnie & Shyne