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Shyne Blasts Def Jam In Open Letter

Posted By on October 15, 2010

    Former Bad Boy artist Shyne has written an open letter to Def Jam to talk about his problems and displeaure with the company's treatmeants of their artists, calling out L.A. Reid.

      "Def Jam is dying…. Thanks L.A. Reid! Middle fingers to you too!!! Antonio L.A. Reid, quite frankly, doesn't give a curse word about Hip-Hop!!! He doesn't get it. He fails to comprehend the holy institution that is Def Jam. How a Jewish guy named Rick & an African [American] guy from Hollis queens by the name of Russell [set] the foundation for a billion dollar industry from an NYU dorm is beyond him….it offends chairman Reid that these hoodlums & criminals call themselves musicians…whatever happened to the days of Shalimar and "Tender Lover"… F**king rappers!!! Mr. Reid doesn't understand that Nas & Ghostface Killer are modern day prophets…The Roots are Mozart, Shyne is Moses & Kanye is Van Gogh…How else do you make the colossal mistake of not keeping arguably the most influential rapper/rocker (Hovito) around."


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