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December 04 Games

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Mario Party 6
December 6, 2004

Humid Rating:

Mario Party 6 features over 80 different mini-games, new characters and new game mechanics. In the style of a board game Mario Party 6 has non stop multi-player action (1-4 players). The game is affected by day and night modes with 2 of the new characters being a Sun & Moon. all in all this should be a fun game..

NFL Street 2
December 22, 2004

Humid Preview Rating:

The second in the NFL STREET series I can’t see it being much different to the first in the press release I got it just said it has New game play techniques such as wall moves and style catches and few new game modes not to much to get excited about.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
December 7, 2004

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In CSI you team up with Grissom, Catherine and the entire CSI team and break down the evidence in all 10 cases from the CSI and CSI: Dark Motives crime-solving games. No crime is ever perfect. Examine the evidence and find the flaws. With there not being a lot out this month it might be something different I will get this game and I’ll give it a try, going on what I’ve read I’ll give it a prediction rating of 7/10

December 6, 2004 Mario Party 6 Nintendo
December 14, 2004 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Atari
December 22, 2004 NFL Street 2 Electronic Arts
TBA 2004 American Idol Codemasters
December 31, 2004 GT Cube MTO
TBA 2004 RibbitKing Bandai

December 3, 2004 Growlanser Generations Working Designs
December 6, 2004 Gundam Battle Assault 3 Featuring Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Bandai
December 7, 2004 Kuon Agetec
December 7, 2004 Mega Man X8 Capcom
December 7, 2004 Viewtiful Joe 2 Capcom
December 22, 2004 NFL Street 2 Electronic Arts

December 6, 2004 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords LucasArts
December 7, 2004 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ubisoft
December 22, 2004 NFL Street 2 Electronic Arts
December 28, 2004 MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Microsoft
December 28, 2004 MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Limited Edition Microsoft
TBA 2004 Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep *TBA
TBA 2004 Campfire *TBA
TBA 2004 Conan: The Dark Axe TDK Mediactive
TBA 2004 Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels LucasArts
TBA 2004 Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Ubisoft
TBA 2004 Xbox Exhibition Demo Disc Vol. 5 Microsoft

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