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Posted By on January 15, 2005

RapBasement.com – About Us

Never before has it been done: A single network, uniting all aspects of the hip-hop, rap & alternative lifestyle, reaching over 30 million people each month. One mass medium that can connect millions of people with endless information and interaction 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Never in the past has anyone attempted to conquer such a task, until now.

RapBasement.com is the leading complete hip-hop, rap & alternative lifestyle network. Through a single website, people everywhere are able to access an endless list of different features including everything from news and information (news stories, release dates, tour schedules, music/movie & game reviews, interviews, etc.), to music-related downloads (audio, video, pictures, etc.), and even interactive message boards and chat rooms (connecting hip-hop, rap and alternative fans all over the world).

RapBasement.com is much more than a simple website, it is a complete music network. The RapBasement.com Network has an extensive, and continuously growing, list of Rap, Hip-Hop & Alternative music artist web sites (all of which are ranked mainly #2 behind official sites in search engines). RapBasement.com currently covers over 28 artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay Z, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Obie Trice, Eazy E, DMX, NWA, D12, G-Unit, Lil Zane, Limp Bizkit, Xzibit, Bubba Sparxx and Papa Roach, to name a few. Many more artists are constantly being added to the network including Linkin Park to strengthen the Alternative music genre coverage. Through RapBasement.com, you cannot only access RapBasement.com’s information and features, you are also connected to a network of our websites devoted to each individual hip-hop, rap or alternative artist. The artist information available through RapBasement.com is overwhelming, and the network is rapidly expanding each day.

The RapBasement.com Network doesn’t stop with a main website and 28 sub-artist websites. We have expanded to include such other avenues as a “hot or not” picture voting website (www.raphunnies.com). Receiving 5 million impressions a month on it’s own, raphunnies.com has become one of the leaders when it comes to picture ranking.

The amount of information and features is endless, which may explain why each month RapBasement.com receives over 10 million hits on its own. People have long awaited a single website that is able to connect them with this much content devoted solely to the hip-hop, rap & alternative music culture; they have found their new information database in RapBasement.com

All the features (news and information, music related downloads, interactive message boards and chat rooms, etc), artists, links, and immense numbers of hip-hop, rap and alternative fan visitors, makes RapBasement.com the perfect network for spreading your information. Whether you are a record company, manager, artist, magazine, or even a television station, looking to promote, advertise, and inform, RapBasement.com is guaranteed to get the word out to millions of hip-hop and alternative fans across the globe. RapBasement.com is able to take your information and transmit it to our millions of visitors via banners, buttons, pop-up ads, links, mass emails, contests, giveaways, etc.

Another asset to the RapBasement.com Network is the RapBasementBUZZ.com marketing & promotions service. Buzz provides such marketing & promotional tools as; e-teams (to spread promotions beyond our company into fans/customers hands utilizing their strengths and one of the best promotional tools, word of mouth), mailing lists, advertising via banners/pop-ups/etc. on the RapBasement.com Network of over 28 top-rated websites, customizable demographic research, feedback on products & campaigns via polls/surveys plus contests & giveaways. With such highly-successful campaigns completed in marketing & promotions for Interscope Records which include; Eminem, D-12, 50 Cent/G-Unit, Tupac and Obie Trice, RapBasementBUZZ.com is a sure way to reach your targeted audience, receive feedback & demographic information, and highly saturate the market with your product while promoting it from every angle possible.

General Sites

G-Unit Records

Rap Basement 50 Cent
Rap Hunnies G-Unit
Rap Top Sites Lloyd Banks
Rap Wallpapers The Game

Rap Sites

Young Buck
2Pac Planet

Alternative Sites

Bubba Sparxxx Limp Bizkit
Dr. Dre Papa Roach
DMX World

Official Sites

Eazy E Blazed Mic
Ice Cube Big Proof
Jay Z Salam Wreck
Lil Zane

Shady Records

Ludacris D12 World
NWA World Eminem World
Promatic Eminem Fans
Snoop Dogg Eminem Top Sites
Xzibit Obie Trice

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Rap Basement
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Flower Mound, TX, 75022

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