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50 Cent 'The Massacre' Interview

Posted By on February 18, 2005

50 Cent Exclusive Interview
  Fifty exclusively disscuses with Rap Basement
  Everything on his other businesses including Vitamin Water to the Massacre.

Rap Basement: What’s up with your new album Massacre what can we expect from it?

50 Cent: This album I think is better than ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Honestly I put more details in this record, took my time with the song concepts to make it, what I feel is the next level. Im excited to see how it does out in public and how they embrace it

Rap Basement: So you think it changed up a lot for this album or you’re going to keep it the same ol’

50 Cent: yeah…. nah it went through the same old’ format its boring its not exciting enough for me personally. But the same thing I did (on the first record yanno.) None of the songs concepts were similar to things that they heard on my last album.

Rap Basement: Do you think it was harder now to write this album after having so much success on your last one.

50 Cent: At the beginning there was a lot of pressure on when I first went into start yanno I kind of felt the pressure and after I started accumulating a few records that I felt like were incredible, I loosened up and I kind of came what I needed to make the second special. When I first went in I recorded 11 records the first 3 days that I went in to record and I kept four of those 11 records but one of the samples didn’t clear so it turned into 3 on the album. Overall I think the record is… I think it just has more details honestly. Like I just took my time to make the to make the record exactly like I wanted to. I think the consistency I’ve shown not only through my first album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but through ‘Begs for Mercy’ and through ‘Hunger for More’ Lloyd Banks and ‘Straight Outta Ca$hville’ with Young Buck and The Documentary with Game to convince everyone there is going to be some really interesting hits on this record.

Rap Basement: Do you feel you are still on top of your game or do you still feel like you’re improving all of your skills?

50 Cent: I’m still getting better and better. I’m experimenting; I stayed active the whole time it doesn’t feel like I came out 2 years ago. I stayed on hit records you know? Throughout the whole time span so that’s cool to be able to continuously create good music.

Rap Basement: You did very well with all your projects last year from music to clothing lines and now you’re even expanding larger. Do you have any new projects, what’s next?

50 Cent: Yeah we got G-Units women’s clothing coming. It’s a lil different I think that the line is a little more stylish then they anticipated. But I’ve been receiving a really good response from it. I think that a lot of the girls from G Unit that I wear all the time are athletic inspired like sweater hoods and stuff like that, they think it’s just a bunch of t shirts and sweater hoods and stuff but it’s a lot of other stuff that I don’t wear everyday that we make as a clothing company.

Rap Basement: Lets get into this now… We’ve heard the song PiggyBank is going to be going out Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and even Jadakiss, was it sparked by the Ja Rule song “New York”?

50 Cent: It’s not actually sparked by Ja Rules song because he said things indirectly about me off the record they say what they want when they feel like everybody isn’t going to hear it. Those things come back to you know and I think a lot of it comes from jealousy I think hip hop is competitive and rap is conditioning themselves mentally, like fighters.. until the championships starts because that’s the target. Like right now that is what it feels like for me because I haven’t had any direct altercations and situations with them that would encourage them to be disrespectful towards me. If you are a rapper, you can be on a stage with someone and not know them but when a rapper gets on a record with somebody who indirectly being disrespectful to someone else, they know. You know what I’m saying? (yea) There’s a point in the record where he’s going’ “You’re on fire” and you know he is making a reference to Lloyd Banks’s “On Fire”. For them to do that it was crazy to me, it just finally came to light.

Rap Basement: So who’s coming out next?

50 Cent: Right after me Olivia in May and Tony Yayo is at the end of May too. His album is great.

Rap Basement: Rumors are all over the place that Lil’ Scrappy has been celebrating signing to G-Unit, what’s the truth to that?

50 Cent: I like Lil’ Scrappy, you know? It’s going’ on still…the opportunity, I’m trying to see how possible it is for me to bring him to G Unit. So I like different kinds of music I want to to work with all different kinds of artists yanno what I mean?

Rap Basement: Yeah I heard on Whoo Kid’s new mixtape 2050 you got the Still Tippin beat on there.

50 Cent: Yeah you see I’m interested in a lot of different. That’s Mike Jones (Yeah Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug) Yea .. I like to do different things musically; I do different styles I got to do things different. That’s why I have been able to put out so much material and it not feel like you’re tired of me over the last two years yanno what I mean? I listen to different music and I find interesting ways to do and make music a different way. Everybody has some kind of qualities in them if you look and listen to the music of as a fan, you will find something you can enjoy. But not too many people can be a fan all of them that listen as critic.

Rap Basement: Lets talk about your movie plans…

50 Cent: I got a something coming right now it’s titled “My Restless Ambition” really it’s loosely based on my life story. Yeah it’s written by Terry Winters and the director is Tim Sheradon and its going to be produced by Paramount & MTV

Rap Basement: Sounds good, is that the only one you’re making right now?

50 Cent: One thing at a time I’m not trying to get too overwhelmed with a whole bunch of stuff at once.

Rap Basement: Have you got started yet?

50 Cent: I actually start in April..

Rap Basement: Lots of fans would like to know what you do when your not in the studio?

50 Cent: I like to spend time in the house regular just relaxing, because I do so much moving around yanno. I got a nice house but I don’t have a chance to stay in it much.

Rap Basement: Would you ever bring your son on a track like how Eminem did with his daughter?

50 Cent: Yeah I mean maybe in the future.. I mean he would love that yeah he would love to do that..

Rap Basement: He was crazy on stage though!

50 Cent: Yeah…He has no fear for real. It’s like being in front of a lot of kids clam up yanno my, son has zero.. He better than me at that yanno because when I was small I wasn’t like that.

Rap Basement: With your experience so far in the music business, would you want your son to be a rap success?

50 Cent: Id urge him to do it if he found enjoyment in it then I would up and pursue it but I wouldn’t point him at that direction right off.

Rap Basement: A friend of ours is a therapist for a lot of young males in Oakland who are growing up with no father or mother and are barely surviving on the streets said her kids idolize you, what would he say to those kids to convince them to keep their heads up when their schools, families, and politicians have failed them and often make things worse?

50 Cent: I would say that you got to have faith in yourself, you have to be determined. I grew up with out a mother and a father too. Still like you can’t take things other people feel are a disadvantages, you can’t allow those things to make you feel it’s a disadvantage you got to move forward because the cards you’ve been dealt. You just got to make the best of it.

Rap Basement: Where do you see yourself in five years?

50 Cent: Man I’ll be in the same games/same business, five years from now I probably would have released another album. It took me two years to come back with this one so if everything goes according to schedule I just went through I will have two more solo albums out because this is a beginning of my career I think people will look at the success and I’ve had and expect me to sell one or two more albums and I’m going to retire.. I don’t even see retirement right now..

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