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Baby Bash Interview

Posted By on March 19, 2005

Baby Bash Exclusive Interview
Baby Bash exclusively disscuses with Rap Basement
He’s back with his sophmore album Super Saucy. Discusses what has changed and life from CA to TX. And whats next for this latin MC.

RapBasement: How’s the vibe with “Baby I’m Back”?

Baby Bash: Yeah, “Baby I’m Back” with Akon, you know the vibe is really good, seems everywhere people are diggin it, its good feeling music you know? I stick to my formula, I’m not Mr. MC Battle rapper, yo hip hop head, freestyle rapper. None of that, I’m more into my music than the song, you know? I think that’s the vibe that I bring out. Of course working with Akon, he’s a musical genius, he produced the track and did a couple songs on my album; laced me up real tight. We talk all the time; we trip out on how people just enjoy the music. While everyone else is beefin and freestylin, killin everybody in their rap we just keepin’ it fly, keepin’ it real saucy.

RapBasement: You performing tonight?

Baby Bash: No, I fly to L.A tonight. My album drops tomorrow so I’m doing some autograph signing, getting on Power 106. It’s like everyday I’m in a different city promoting my album. (Yeah, it’s huge in Phoenix) Yeah, yeah, Phoenix has given me a lot of love; everyone has given me a lot of love. Basically the whole South West I get love, you know?

RapBasement: What’s the next single going to be?

Baby Bash: The next single? You know I don’t know, I’m thinking “Super Saucy” with Avant, I kinda want to slow the tempo down. I got one with Pitbull called ‘Trees’, that’s also a nice hit, so I don’t know we’re trying to figure that out now. We got to picture the video.

RapBasement: How was making the video for “Baby I’m Back”?

Baby Bash: Really it was terrible, the producer was the worst producer of all time (Jesse Terrero). But really it kind of sucked. He did the movie Soul Plane; if you’ve seen it you’d understand like, “what the hell were we thinking”? (Laughs) But I guess he did the ‘Lean Back’ video and my label thought he was this and that. Really I think he had little man complex or something. He had no style and was just real dry, I like everything real Saucy with personality but he was a real dry cat, so it really didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. You know we live and learn. I don’t want to lie to you and say, “hey it was a great video and we had fun” (Laughs) But that’s just how the game goes; the song was great.

RapBasement: Who would you like to collaborate with, someone you haven’t worked with yet?

Baby Bash: That I haven’t worked with yet? I’d like to do something with Pharrell, that’s kinda my style, a buttery style. Lenny Kravitz, we’d probably make a good song. Big Boi from Outkast, he wants to do something but I missed him on this album. He’s so busy and I’m so busy. But working with Big Boi, would be tight.

RapBasement: How did you get involved with Akon and different artists?

Baby Bash: Akon is on my label, Universal. They said he had some music for me and wanted me to check it out. When I met (Akon) he showed me the beats, and I was like, “that’s the beat right there”. We ended up doing a couple songs. My manager had people with Avant. Avant wanted to do some. Pitbull, I’ve been traveling with Pitbull doing shows. We were always choppin’ it up, ha! E-40 and Mac Dre, those are legends. It was cool, Sugar Free, you know?

RapBasement: So Vallejo, CA, that’s where you grew up?

Baby Bash: Yeah, V Town, small Vallejo but you already know Vallejo has a good reputation of being our own character; the way we dress and the way we talk.

RapBasement: What took you out to Texas?

Baby Bash: I came to Texas about 4 or 5 years ago. South Park Mexican was doing it real big out here, you know Latin rap. He said he liked my style and flew me out here to work on his album. When I got out here, man I loved it. The cost of living was so cheap and the shows were every week. You know Cali is kinda crazy with the gang stuff, but out here it was goin’ on. I just posted up shop and started making money and when I started making money; the houses out here are so cheap compared to Cali. I’m a logical person so I just did what I did.

RapBasement: Are you pleased with how the Album (Super Saucy) turned out?

Baby Bash: Yeah, yeah, “Super Saucy”, I put a lot more energy and my spirit into this album. You know the last album “Smokin Nephew”; I had to rush because “suga suga” took off so fast. This time I got to put energy and feelin’ into it, so yeah I’m real pleased with it.

RapBasement: Do you have a track that means the most to you personally?

Baby Bash: You know all the tracks mean something to me. I treat them all like kids like babies. “No way Jose” with Akon, is probably my favorite song; has that reggae feel to it. I’m more of a reggae fan than a hip hop fan. I try to incorporate it into my music. But I go through different moods, sometimes in different moods you want to hear different shit.

RapBasement: When you went to Texas originally, did your family come out also?

Baby Bash: No, solo bolo. My family is still in Cali but I take care of them real good. Have family in Fresno, LA, Bakersfield, the Bay Area Vallejo and San Jose.

RapBasement: Have any kids?

Baby Bash: No, no kids.

RapBasement: I’m assuming you went through some wild stages growing up?

Baby Bash: Yeah, yeah, you know my passion was playing basketball I wanted to be a basketball player. So I went to college for a year and a half in Solano. Do you know where Solano junior college is? (Yes) But then I started selling dope, sellin’ crank, kinda messing up a little bit. So that’s when I started in the studio messing around, and people started liking it, “Oh you like this, ok I’ll do some more”. Then I got turned on by the music and kept doing it, found out I had a cool thing with melodies and writing my own melodies and that’s how it go. Finally I did some radio music, radio songs and “Suga Suga” took off.

RapBasement: Did you ever get to a point though where you were trying to make it and such and just felt like giving up?

Baby Bash: Yeah, I think a couple of times I felt like, “you know what this isn’t working”. That’s why I came to Texas, it got real stagnant in Cali because a lot of the gangs were shooting up the shows, couldn’t have shows no more. When I came to Texas it was like a breath of fresh air, you know? That’s what changed my life.

RapBasement: I enjoy your music very much and how you keep to your Latin influence.

Baby Bash: Thank you, yeah, I try to do what I can. It’s all about the music not really about me or what I’ve done in my past, just the music.

RapBasement: As far as video concepts would you like to get behind the camera at all?

Baby Bash: (laughs) I mean judging from the last video, Um I’ve always let other people do my videos and I’ve never been happy with none of my videos. But this last video really took the cake though. So, I think it’s really fair for me since I wrote the song and the music I should have my own vision, you know what I mean? I kind of was just happy to be doing it and didn’t really care who was doing the video; I let the label do whatever they wanted. But now I’m going to step up to the plate and try to get my own ideas.

RapBasement: Did you guys have a conflict of interest with this director (Jesse Terrero)?

Baby Bash: Yeah, you know they (Universal) told me he was a big name, this and that. He came in and wrote Eric in and you could just tell, ah man, he was kinda dry; everything he was doing was real dry. You know we’re from the bay, we like to gig and move, break our necks a little bit. Like I said, I’m a start stepping up to the plate now.

RapBasement: What is it you do when you’re not doing music?

Baby Bash: I try to play as much basketball as I can. Try to watch ESPN (laughs) eat a lot of cereal. I hardly get any free time so whatever free time I do get I just try to marinate.

RapBasement: So what’s this whole “Siggin”?

Baby Bash: Siggin, yeah, I’m a super sigger cause siggin I guess you’d call it cappin’ or baggin’ you know what I mean? Like when you talk about someone. Like “Yo Mama” or “Yo breath smell like” (laughs) theres all kinds of stuff and I’m pretty good at that.

RapBasement: How was it working with N2Deep?

Baby Bash: Ah, Jay Tee, yeah you know when they was blowin up I kinda was a youngster just watching them. I knew their family and they’d have me around because I could do my little Vallejo steps. You know they’d always have me around, you know playboy. It was cool working with them. Jay Tee is a good friend.

RapBasement: When you see this beef going on with Jada and 50. Do you think it’s always necessary in the business?

Baby Bash: You know I don’t really listen to that so I don’t really know what’s going on, the truth. You know but I guess that’s their thing. Those guys are more like MC rappers; my music is more like super fly groovy shit. I don’t know if its propaganda or what it was or if it worked or not. United States and media, kids they fall for anything so who knows. I don’t fall for anything though.

RapBasement: How’s your life changed?

Baby Bash: More busy, more money, more problems. Basically how it goes. Trying to take care of everybody but everything is going good. I love being in the studio, love keeping it going so I’ll ride it out as long as it lasts.

RapBasement: Has your fan base changed?

Baby Bash: Yeah its crazy. I was just like the Latin hero for awhile now it’s like I have more black fans than ever, more white fans than ever, and more Asian fans than ever. But it’s good, I don’t speak all kinds of Spanish in my raps, I’m not Mr. Revolutionary. I grew up listening to R & B, oldies, shit like that. So now people are starting to get it, dig our music. We’re starting to make a break through.

RapBasement: How was the overseas tour?

Baby Bash: We went to France, Germany, Sweden. It was crazy a lot of love out there and I appreciate it. We’re probably going back at the end of this year.

RapBasement: What about a current tour?

Baby Bash : Yeah me, Frankie J and Natalie. We’re going to tour the US have about 40 shows lined up. Probably do about 60 all together but yeah its starting to catch on everywhere.

RapBasement: Are you ready for your life to change?

Baby Bash: (laughs) It’s so crazy, yeah; I’m just a regular guy at heart. But I don’t get to do regular things anymore; like go to the mall or the movies. People recognize me and it’s really still strange to me. I’ve heard my song on the radio a million times but every time I hear it, it’s like the first time. I still get that feeling, you know? It’s kinda weird, it’s a good feeling.

RapBasement: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today.

Baby Bash: I appreciate it, you stay safe.

Check out “Baby Bash’s” single off “Super Saucy” called “Baby I’m Back” featuring “Akon“.
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