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Posted By on January 15, 2005

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Rap Basement: Lots of people know you for being on Shady Records & Eminem’s DJ but how did you actually get started in the business? How/When did you start DJing?

DJ Green Lantern: Started in ’89 just making beats. Fell into DJing around 91,92. Parties paid $! And I knew what would rock a crowd. So I borrowed equipment and did it. Killed it from the gate. Beats took the backseat for most the 90’s. Still dabbled and could tell how it was evolving…jumped back in heavy when I got wit Em. Doing beats daily now.

Rap Basement: Did you or do you try to pattern yourself after any other DJs?

DJ Green Lantern: Early on Kid Capri because I was doing parties and he is the king of that.. He still is.

Rap Basement: Who were your mentors coming up in the business?

DJ Green Lantern: DJ Craig G (Harlem), one of the idlest party Dj’s around, period.

Rap Basement: How did you actually land the deal with Shady? (Become Em’s DJ & Get Signed To Shady Records?)

DJ Green Lantern: Paul knew me and liked my tapes being creative and shit. Em needed a DJ for Anger Management ’01 and he thought it might work. It did. lol. The album deal was a natural progression …I was getting offers already so we jus did it at Shady. Not to b on my own dick but strictly to inform (since some of your members that only heard of me since Shady) I toured the world by myself and have won Mixtape Awards the last 7 years B4 fucking wit Em..

Rap Basement: How do you feel about mix tapes becoming more about exclusives rather then DJing skills?

DJ Green Lantern: It is engrained in the marketplace since Clue made it huge. So it’s what u go up against. I jus try to stay creative but make important shit that cats on the street that only fuck wit exclusives still like…its not hard to get people that like blends and shit to like my shit. The challenge is the knuckleheads that strictly fuck wit new shit. I’m from the hood so I know the hood mentality. So it’s easy. Make some gutter shit. No commercial shit. Now I try to expand peoples mind I little //like wit the Bin laden song.
Just try to say some shit here and there, because shit isn’t what u think it is. We are living in the matrix. There’s some other shit going on in this world but I wont speak on that right now.

Rap Basement: You seem to be doing more and more production lately and everyone seems to love the beats. Is that something you are really interested in or is it more of a side thing? Are you doing any production for any artists’ albums coming out in the future?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah. Doing Nore’s next single and got a banger on Ludacris’ album and 80 percent of my album. My real goal was (and is) to be an in demand producer. Being a DJ is jus helping my hustle. Getting a lot of calls now 4 beats. Shit is getting crazy

Rap Basement: With the whole Sirius thing… Will you have some kind of a show on Shade45 at a set time or will you be doing like spotted shows or?

DJ Green Lantern: Thursdays 8pm – midnight

Rap Basement: You got the new “Sirius Biznes: Shade45 Mixtape” out now… Are their any more Green Lantern Mixtapes coming out before “Armageddon”?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah. The Lost Mixes, Married to Marijuana. The next Rap Phenomenon with Vlad and Dirty Harry (cant tell u what artist)

Rap Basement: Speaking of “Armageddon”, how is it coming along?

DJ Green Lantern: Almost done…doing a mixtape album is different from doing a mixtape. You got to map the whole shit out crazy then clear everybody thru their labels, it’s a lot of work. Well for me it is. I don’t just buy songs like a couple other cats did. Take that how u want to.

Rap Basement: Who can we expect on it?

DJ Green Lantern: The whole Shady / Aftermath and cats I fuck with …Dblock…Terror Squad…Mobb Deep… Ghostface etc

Rap Basement: Will you be producing most of the tracks or will it be a collaboration of producers?

DJ Green Lantern: mostly me wit some Em, Dre, and some other sprinkled here and there, Denaun Porter.

Rap Basement: Is there a guess of when it might drop?

DJ Green Lantern: Shit…March? April? When its done and the set up is right. Single, video, radio spins… You know

Rap Basement: Everyone loves seeing artists in person. Are there any plans for a tour soon? Perhaps an “Encore” or even a Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath BIG tour like the rumors of an “Up In Smoke 2” type thing?

DJ Green Lantern: Yep. Don’t know dates yet but yeah a big tour is in the works

Rap Basement: What’s the difference between you, and other big name DJs out there? What makes you in your own mind stand out, or perhaps better than them?

DJ Green Lantern: No disrespect to anybody but to answer that… its more what I don’t do. I don’t just play music. I make music. I don’t just do shit 4 a check, there’s a genuine passion to make shit sound dope that fuels what I do and the way I put shit together period. There a standard of excellence I shoot 4…that’s missing in the game right now. Its all for the quick money with most of these dudes that play songs. Then u got the mini-me green lanterns running around… don’t get me started

Rap Basement: What advice would you have for an upcoming DJ in the mixtape game who wants to make a name for himself?

DJ Green Lantern: Be fucking original. That’s it. Don’t try to do what anybody else does. Especially me. I got enough “kids” out here acting up and about to get disciplined. No names… yet lol

Rap Basement: How much time would you say goes into making each of your mixtapes?

DJ Green Lantern: Its a case by case situation but safe to say more than ur average big name mixtape DJ

Rap Basement: What would be your ideal collaboration for a track (artists & producers, dead or alive)?

DJ Green Lantern: B.I.G, Jay-Z, Eminem, Pun.. Produced by Dre and me

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