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Jadakiss Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005


& His

“Kiss Of Death”

Rap Basement: So what can we expect from your sophomore solo album ‘Kiss of death’?

Jadakiss: Yanno just yanno its Jada that you love but its just a lil’ more grown up with more authority. Just showin’ some growth yanno what I mean. Tryin to flip the word play a little.

Rap Basement: Do you feel you still have alot to prove since your last cd didn’t get as much attention as you felt it should?

Jadakiss: Nah. People have no discrepancy for me or my lyrics or the song. They just know I didn’t get the right push right. If I were in a video I could have gotten that plaque and all of that but uh.. They’re alot of polotics they had to pay that 3 Million to get us off Bad Boy so they weren’t gonna spend anymore money than they already spent.

Rap Basement: Are you planning on doing anything different this time around to make this album more successful?

Jadakiss: Oh Nah definitely, I mean I did everything I could possibly could do out there. But um I just didn’t have the Interscope machine behind me. That’s what I got, thas mainly one of the differences in this whole project now, Interscope behind me more than ever before.

Rap Basement: I heard you recently recorded a song with Eminem. How did that come about?

Jadakiss: Oh man I am a big fan of Em. And he is a big fan of me it was just a matter of time before we made it happen.

Rap Basement: Will that song be on your new album or where will that fall in?

Jadakiss: Oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah ….It’s gonna be on my album..

Rap Basement: Is Ruff Ryders still going stong? It seems everyone is on a different page being on different lables now, like what is the status of Ruff Ryders?

Jadakiss: Oh Yeah yeah Ruff Riders is definitely still goin’ strong.. Im the main man over there right now. Um as I am rebuilding that back up to as strong as it was I’m pullin’ D-Block up the walls slowly. Yanno I mean that is my main goals right now to get the R Factor how strong it used to be and bring D-Block up one day at a time.

Rap Basement: Alright Speaking of DBlock. Who all is on D Block now?

Jadakiss: D Block is Sheek Louch and JaeHood are the first two artists, Stephanie Lynn she’s a pop singer, Jada, P Waters will be next up on deck. Sparky is from Philly, and Pete Waters from Savannah.

Rap Basement: You are one of the few people who can say they rapped with Biggie, Big Pun and Jay Z. Do you feel hip hop isn’t the same anymore without them?

Jadakiss: Definitely, substance of the music is down. That’s why me myself, I listen to old cds. I like the new artists, and all that but I dont think I could start listenin’ to them until for a few more years. I listen to the old cds. Like I’m stuck on them. Im stuck on Puns album, Bigs album, Reasonable Doubt and Cuban Link. Im like an old head.

Rap Basement: You are very well known on the mixtape circut. Do you feel Mixtapes are very strong in breaking artists?

Jadakiss: I mean definitely. Now more so than ever before. Yanno when we was coming up it was really more underground. Now mixtapes are big, mixtapes are everywhere and its now harder to get on them and its just most of the mixtape DJs have record deals got their own spot, yanno just hip hop is getting bigger every day.

Rap Basement: How is your relationship with Interscope now b/c on your verse for Gang Starr’s CD you were getting fed up with them?

Jadakiss: Yeah that was around the time I was in my rebellious stage. Shortly after that they called me up, flew me over to Cali, sit down and squared everything up, and mainly after I them the music, they gave me the response I have been waiting for all my years I ever had turned in music, after that we just clicked.

Rap Basement: So whats next for Jada?

Jadakiss: Jada just working on this album, pushing it. Yanno squeeze the juice out of it as much as I can squeeze it. Three or four singles hopefully. Yanno get the next one out in the next 6 to 8 months. Davel in movies, Clothing line, book deals, everything that anybody else would want. Big ventures, cop Basketball teams, whatever I can do. Im just trying to get it in.. I just wanna WORK!

Rap Basement: You say top 5 Dead or Alive is your ranking.. What is your top 5 Dead or Alive?

Jadakiss: Biggie, Pac, Hova, Nas, and Eminem

Jadakiss – Kiss Of Death – In Stores NOW!

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