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Mannie Fresh of Big Tymers

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Rap Basement: Let’s start off by you introducing yourself…

Mannie Fresh: Ain’t nobody but me, myself & I. Mannie Fresh, what’s going on with you?

Rap Basement: So what makes you such a “Big Tymer”?

Mannie Fresh: My attitude. I think big with everything that I

Rap Basement: How did you guys hook up with R-Kelly for
the Big Tymers song Gangster Girl?

Mannie Fresh: I mean we had Boo & Gotti and that was originally
his artist. He thought it was a good idea for them to be over there and
thats how we really met up with them and talked about it. Rather then
keep talking about it, we just went ahead and did it.

Rap Basement: What can we expect from your upcoming release “Big
Money Heavyweights” ?

Mannie Fresh: Hopefully Platinum.

Rap Basement: What’s different with this release compared to
your last one?

Mannie Fresh: Almost nothing. Because that’s the way we do it,
we aren’t going to go forward with it you know? It’s just me and my life,
that’s the way it is. If the other one was Tuesday, this one is Wednesday.
If the last one was how I was feeling on Tuesday, this is how I’m feeling
on Wednesday.

Rap Basement: What inspires you to make the creative beats
that you do?

Mannie Fresh: I like to see people have fun, you know? That’s
the joy of it for me. If I hear one of my beats come on and everyone on
the dance floor is moving, that’s my inspiration.

Rap Basement: Do you hold any grudges towards Juvenile since he
left Cash Money and now he’s back?

Mannie Fresh: Na, I don’t hold any grudges with nobody, nobody
in life.

Rap Basement: What’s your relation with 50 Cent?

Mannie Fresh: I only met dude like 2-3 times, he’s real cool.

Rap Basement: I heard he paid Cash Money $750,000 to release
Young Buck from his contract, is this true?

Mannie Fresh: Na man. I mean I’m a 100 with Young Buck, whoever
said that is crazy, you know what I’m saying? Buck was never signed with
us, he was just down with us.

Rap Basement: What’s the deal with BG?

Mannie Fresh: I haven’t seen him in a while.

Rap Basement: How did it feel to be nominated for a Grammy?

Mannie Fresh: Shoot… I mean it’s cool, it isn’t really a big
deal to me.

Rap Basement: Why haven’t you planned on coming out with a solo
album as of yet?

Mannie Fresh: I’m not ready to be that popular.

Rap Basement: How’d you hook up with Petey Pablo for his last
single Blow Your Whistle?

Mannie Fresh: I’ve been known Petey for a long time. It wasn’t
like I hooked up with him, me and him been friends for quite some time.
We happened to be in the same studio recording that day and I made that
beat real quick and he happened to like that.

Rap Basement: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Mannie Fresh: Man… I guess all the old school legends. Grand
Master Flash, Dougie E Fresh, shit I could go on and on. You know, all
the old school cats.

Big Tymers – Big Money Heavyweights in stores December 9th 2003

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