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Posted By on January 15, 2005


Get’s His

“Welcome Back”
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MA$E HELLLOOOOO…. (singing) You can drag my name all over the place, call me everything but Mase, but here it is, I dont care anymore….

Rap Basement: Hey what’s goin on Mase…

MA$E Chillin’ man.

Rap Basement: That’s great, I figured we’d start off this interview with why you decided to
get back to rap.

MA$E Ohhhhhh! Im excited man.. Let’s do it.

Rap Basement: Alright, So why did you want to get back to rap after
taking a break?

MA$E You gonna ask me all the same questions haha…

Rap Basement: Nah, I try not to..Im gonna switch it up a bit.

MA$E Aight…Why I come back to Hip Hop? Hip Hop needs me. I’m a
solution to a lot of the things that people don’t like about Hip Hop. And I
come bring many things that people need right here in hip hop.

Rap Basement: What are you going to do after this album? Are you
gonna tour or get back in the studio, back to Atlanta?

MA$E Well I look forward to going on tour, but I dunno exactly when
that is gonna start after this album drop.

Rap Basement: Alright since you live in Altanta now do you want to
work with any of the local artists down there now or…

MA$E Yeah Nas is out there too.

Rap Basement: Oh is he?

MA$E Yeah I worked with him and worked with 112 a little bit, you know.

Rap Basement: What was the biggest thing that you missed that made
you want to come back from rapping or the whole lifestyle?

MA$E The biggest thing I missed about rapping… I really didn’t
miss any of it, the only thing I could say I missed about it, was acutally
just watching how people respond to you, but it’s like what I was doing
people was still responding in weird ways anyway yanno. Yanno sometimes even
weird but one thing that I used to wanna do even more is just help people
yanno what I’m saying? And I like to see people go places they never been
and spend money they never had before. That was real fun, that was one of
the most enjoyable things about rap and that was spending money with people
you grew up with and smiling to see their dreams come true.

Rap Basement: What did you think of your negative reaction of
the callers on your Hot 97 Interview?

MA$E I already showed you what I thought about it, I prayed for

Rap Basement: Did you make up with Camrom and Dip Set or is it still up in
the air like it was?

MA$E No I told you I prayed for them. So it wasn’t no problem on my
side so you gonna have to ask them that..You heard the interview?

Rap Basement: yeah

MA$E You hear tell them I pray for them?

Rap Basement: Yes I did

MA$E SO I pray for them that means I have no problem with them. See
what people think is like yanno a beef is between 2 people that are going
back n forth. We’re not going back n forth.. So it’s not a beef that’s
called assault.

Rap Basement: You said you didn’t really like the song
‘Welcome Back’. What song did you really like from the album?

MA$E Well it wasn’t that I really didn’t like ‘Welcome Back’, it was
just like I thought people were holding me to “Welcome Back” like “Thats’s his
best record?”..Yanno what I’m saying? Like one more it was a stradegy to
erase hate outta peoples minds and make sure when I come back there with be
love. So it was a slogan almost that we wanted to set up. That everywhere I
would go like a cliché you would say ‘welcome back’. So now when I speak to
everybody they say ‘Welcome Back’, when we go to the Trump they say
‘Welcome Back’. When we go to the airport they say ‘Welcome Back’, when I in
the bank they say ‘Welcome Back’, so they did exactly what we wanted them to
do to which was to make you say… “Welcome Back”

Rap Basement: Aight man, I appreciate it. “Welcome Back”, good luck with the album

MA$E (laughs) You said “Welcome Back”, see we set you up!

Ma$e – Welcome Back – In Stores NOW!

“Welcome Back”
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