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Mike Jones Interview

Posted By on April 25, 2005

Rap Basement: Yeah, So how does it feel to have “Who’s Mike Jones ” coming out?

Mike Jones: The album will be coming out April 19th (Who is Mike Jones the labels)the wait is over it’sgoing down baby.

Rap Basement: Did you take a different approach to this album than like your mix tape albums?

Mike Jones: See thats the thing I want to make sure its the same thing. I want to thank all my fans who got me to where I’m at and I also want to let the whole world know who I was so I put a little bit of both in there you know what I’m sayin? So that world finally everybody knows who Mike Jones really is.

Rap Basement: What was the feeling when you found out that you guys got signed to Warner Brothers and going major?

Mike Jones: It wasnt a really excitement deal to me b/c I knew it was a deal ain’t nothing but a deal yanno what I’m sayin? Its really an excitement when I go platniums and double platnium. When i do my thang cuz. I was already hot before I got with swisha house yanno what I’m sayin? I got ice Age entertainment yah know what im saying. Than when i blew up from that i got with Swishahouse and when i blew up from that i got with Warner its all a stepping stone.

Rap Basement: Why did you decide to go major when you were doing alot of numbers with out a major deal?

Mike Jones: Because I mean I promoted albums for so long yanno not to just drop (it independantly yanno?)

Rap Basement: Yeah, How did you hook up with Swishahouse

Mike Jones: They came to me after they seen the buzz that i had. I was in the stripclubs and a guy named T. Ferris from swisha house I know your albums really big you know what I’m sayin’ Im feelin’ you I wanna work with you.You understand and we got down.

Rap Basement: I like the idea that you guys are including the Screwed version of the album along with the Original. Whos idea was that?

Mike Jones: Basically that is something that we have been doing for the longest it just like how we do everything we been doin’ independantly we just (showin everybody that) this is how we been doin’ this is how we been shinin’ yanno what I’m sayin?

Rap Basement: What track is your favorite to you on the album?

Mike Jones: Oh man.. The song about my grandma.. Cause my grandma is the main reason why I’m here yanno what I’m sayin’? When everybody was like dont do the Mike Jones dont do the Mike Jones dont give out your number. She’s the one that pushed me to do it and it went really well for me.

Rap Basement: Whats the name of that track called?

Mike Jones: Its called Grandma

Rap Basement: You and Paul Wall are coming out with a The Future album, when is that dropping?

Mike Jones: Yeah we might drop that one as an underground we still haven’t decided yet

Rap Basement: You have any idea when that will be coming?

Mike Jones: Well my album is coming out April 19th after that Paul Wall is coming out in Summer time. Yanno we just on it..

Rap Basement: Who you got on the album?

Mike Jones: I got the whole Ice Age family on the album. I got beets from Lil’ John and alot of other people but yanno what I’m sayin

Rap Basement: Speakin of Ice Age whats next with them when are they gonna do something?

Mike Jones: If you go to www.whoMikeJones.com you got Lil’ Wayne on there you got all the big other features on there beside Ice Age and the () artists yanno what I’m sayin’ we got my main man DJ Slice choppin’ it up yanno what I’m sayin’ on the CD. And also just stay tuned to WhoMikeJones.com and become a member and you’ll hear from me and Ice Age on the way.

Rap Basement:So What advice would you give to unsigned artists?

Mike Jones: Stay on your grind stay independent dont try to ask for nothin’ I mean work for it cause when you earn it there’s alot more.

Rap Basement: Man I gotta ask you is there still any beef with Chamillionaire? or whats going on with that?

Mike Jones: No comment

Rap Basement: No comment?… Alright and uh that is pretty much all my questions..you have anything to add?

Mike Jones: Who Mike Jones comes out April 19th.. You be safe man

Mike Jones Who is Mike Jones? In Stores April 19th 2005
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