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Slim Thug Interview

Posted By on July 6, 2005

Slim Thug Exclusive
Rap Basement:
Before I set up this interview I’d like to
say congradulations I’ve listened to you for a long time off Swisha House
and everything and basically everything before you got signed

Slim Thug: I appreciate it homie appreciate that.

Rap Basement: Alright lets start off with somethings for people who don’t know you that well, talk a lil’ bit about
yourself and your background.

Slim Thug: Alright I’m Slim Thug from the north side of H-Town in Texas, I got
started doing mixtapes in ’98 yanno what I’m sayin’ with Swisha House that’s
who really just broke myself with down in the southern region and you know I
got started in ’98 with Swisha House and since then I have been doing alot
of underground music for the last like what? 6-7 years or whatever that’s
really how people know me down here from the southern region yanno the
mixtapes featuring other artist records.

Rap Basement: How did you hook up with the Neptunes?

Slim Thug: Hookin’ up with the Neptunes I came down to the city and
this dude named (Shawn Tucker) I met through my man in New York named (Goby)
who was rollin’ with them on their tour or whatever and he heard alot about
me through (Garbage) yanno it was like when I met with him and kicked it and
then I went to Purteo Rico we kinda kicked it out there you know we just
kept seeing each other in different places and then at the end of the day I
signed Geffen/Interscope. You know I was really with them first. Then you
know when the Neptunes came over there Jimmy said he had a list of motherfuckers so he was like
like “yo which one of cats you wanna work with?” When they saw my name on there, they said for sure him, lets go with him. Got in the studio and did
a couple songs and it was a wrap.

Rap Basement: Will there be another ESG & Slim Thug Album?

Slim Thug: I doubt it yanno I doubt it right now yanno what I’m
sayin’ we like gone our different ways I’m not really interested in doin’
nuttin else I’m doin it through me I did that already I’m passed that part
in my life or whatever you know. I don’t really see him too much so I’m just
doin’ this for me.

Rap Basement: Alright did you take a different approach on the new
album than you did on making mixtapes songs compared to songs for
your album?

Slim Thug: No not really not intentionally but if I did do something
different I didnt do it intentionally like maybe do this world wide you know. Lemme do me Slim Thug Interviewyanno lemme do it for me where Im at and why people know me
yanno so basically I’m on Neptunes beats talkin bout Texas yanno what I’m
saying and introduce myself to the world you know letting everybody know how
it is in Houston and for them to see it from my point of view and my whole story on how
I got here.

Rap Basement: Do you have any advice for other rappers that are
trying to get heard?

Slim Thug: My advice all that I can tell them is what I know worked
for me like I did get on mixtapes like I always tell people your dealin’
with a beat that has already been broke you know everybody knows a good beat
or whatever so you know get on there first and you sound good over the beat
that has already been accomplished and stuff tryin’ to rap on one of your
partners beat might not be that hot you know what I’m sayin’? I just say rap
on somebody else’s beat till you get a little buzz in your city you gotta get home
first. Get a couple fans behind you and then you know you could.

Rap Basement: Where do you stand on Chamillionaire / Mike Jones beef?

Slim Thug: Where do I stand on it? Both of them are my partners I
talk to them both regularly you know I don’t really stand it at all I stay
out of it I let them do what they do.

Rap Basement: Lastly where do you see yourself in five years?

Slim Thug: I see myself being 5 times hotter than I am now every year
I just focus on being hotter than the year before you know what I’m sayin’?
I just wanna keep that going and as long as I keep that going I be cool and
be about 5 times louder than I am right now or more you know what I’m sayin?
Its a hustle I mean I’m grindin it out G.

Rap Basement: Anything else?

Slim Thug: Yeah the album is coming out soon I know some bootleggers
got a hold of it or whatever but I’m alright it isnt the real album its just
a few songs you know what I’m sayin’? Its gonna be off the chain!