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Tony Yayo Interview

Posted By on September 6, 2005

Rap Basement:
Lets get into this Interview now
that your single is out and we hear more about you, people want to know the
story about your life and Rap Game. What can you tell them about yourself?

Tony Yayo: Well I have been rapping in my home South side of Jamaca
Queens ever since I was like 16. It was just a hobby for me yanno I’d be on
the block used to be in my mans basement he has a dj mic and 2 turntables
so you know we used to rhyme over instramentals sisters used to be down
there yanno and we’d just rap.

Rap Basement: What are some of your influences

Tony Yayo: Some of my influences in the Rap game? Biggy, 2 Pac, yanno
all the greatest. But if you wanna talk about old school rappers… I
like Run DMX, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap yanno, Nice N Smooth, I used to love Nice n Smooth.

Rap Basement: Alright did you use rapping as a way to get out of the
drug game or was is something you could do?

Tony Yayo: I looked at rapping as a hobby yanno what I mean it was
just something that we yanno we had nuttin’ to do we husselin and all we had
nuttin’ better to do yanno just smoke one drink some. Even people that
didn’t even know how to rhyme they just played around with it yanno. And
then it turned into a hobby and got more serious and I started writtin stuff
down on paper yanno what I mean?

Rap Basement: So, “So Seductive” is the first album are you happy
with the peoples response?

Tony Yayo: Oh yeah the record is playing all over the country right

Rap Basement: Yeah

Tony Yayo: Thats a good enough response for me right there yanno what
I mean? I actually wrote “So Seductive” before 50 wrote Candyshop that’s why
you hear him say So Seductive on the candyshop record. I wrote it, he heard
it and he got on it. He said “yo that should be my single.” He got on it and
when he got on it, it was 10 times better yanno. Yanno dude one thing about
50 is that he knows how to pick the main records yanno what I mean as well
as Em, as well as Dre yanno?

Rap Basement: So with the situation with G-Unit do you think that is
an advantage?

Tony Yayo: I mean I look at it as an advantage but you see all the
mistakes they have been done its not alot of mistakes but yanno things from
Banks and Buck we can make the situations better.

Rap Basement: Do you take into mind the response to Banks and Bucks
album or did you just not think about the critics at all or take into mind
the response of Banks and Bucks album when you wrote yours?

Tony Yayo: Of course, I mean I took into mind that of cause Buck I
mean Banks gave me alot he told me yanno that the singles the archive
singles yanno b/c I was coming out real aggressive on alot of street records
he said you know you got all your of street records down but what is gonna
be your singles? That is one things I got to thinkin yanno Buck just told me
to do what I have been doin’. The energy is what people love as well as 50.
So I took advice from all of them. You have to learn to accept critisim in
the game. If you took critisism you gonna go far on anything yanno.. There
is certain people out there you tell them something and give them advice
they be like “Oh manahhhhaaaa” yanno what I’m sayin? that is not me I learn
to accept critisism. I ask people I ask for their opinions for ideas I ask
people around me for ideas for things that can help me and some peoples
ideas are better than the ideas I think of and I take credit for what they
say heh…

Rap Basement: Did you write any of the tracks on the album while you
were still in jail?

Tony Yayo: Half of the album was wrote in jail that’s why I called it thoughts of a
predicted fellon, the more arrgessive tracks I would say are the top part of
the album was the part of the album I wrote in jail the most agressive

Rap Basement: Was track is really a banger that you can tell that you wrote in jail.

Tony Yayo: Tattle Teller. its a record about snitchin’ I wrote that in jail its
crazy yanno. I think that’s why I wrote all of this while I was in jail

Rap Basement: What is your mindstate when it comes to writing song mix tapes
or songs for an upcoming album when you think about writing a song for
an album or whatever?

Tony Yayo: Yeah I mean basically consistancy is the key to me. Like
me I mean I just do a number of songs yanno when I do my album I just did a
whole bunch of songs and I just kept the best ones and go with it, better
than others I mean basically when you’re ryhming on a mix tape your just
ryhming to impress somebody but when you doin an album you’re doing stuff
that people can really relate to, and the freestyle you’re just punchlinin’
somebody to death or spitin’ for a long time or sayin real aggressive raps
or real aggressive hopes on a mix tape and on an album you’re tryin to reach
the person more you’re really going out your tryin to ride the beat the
right way and try not to do no mistake when you’re doing a mix tape you’re
not doin it over and over again you lay your words and that’s it. You do
you’re album your taking your time and make sure youre breathing right you
make sure youre right on the beat you make sure you pick the right beat you
make sure you got the right featires.. The album is like a baby to me you gotta
nurture it more.. Check it out like this an album is like a new born baby a
mix tape is like a kid thats grown already.

Rap Basement: Alright you’re gonna be tour this summer what can we

Tony Yayo: You can expect alot of energy comin out of me that’s what
you can expect. Which is my first show at being home, im gonna raise my
voice a couple of times screamin and I’m gonna put on a show yanno what I
mean? People is (an ideaa) that is one thing about unit that we’ll do like
30-20 songs on stage, yano what I mean? We are here
to do a show its supposed to be something. I mean the whole unit it back
together we’re stronger everybody is platnium and like doin’ their thing so
we’re gonna give u a show that you have never seen in your life you’ve got
Eminem, you’ve got 50 cent, you’ve got Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, you’ve got Olivia
you got, you got myself Tony Yayo to (mix and rip) so you know we will give
you a show that you never have seen in your life

Rap Basement: Alright awesome. Everybody knows that you’re down with 50 Cent whats your
situation with The Game, are you down with Game now?

Tony Yayo: I feel like Game made a mistake. I mean I didn’t
understand how him and 50 had a fall out and you know guys and 50 had really
helped him out I mean I just didnt understand I mean yanno I spoke to Game
a couple of times before the situation happened I was on Games album. I mean
like I have respect that he sold his record. I recorded them and congradulated the deal
yano what I mean my whole thing is that I don’t speak to Game anymore. How
I’m gonna judge your character you flipped on 50 what makes you think you’re
not gonna flip on me. 50 is like my brother so whatever 50 say or whatever
he wants done is gonna be done by me. That’s my brother and I love him
yanno what I mean. I look at Game as he made a big mistake and I feel that I can’t
understand it. Yanno I’m learnin’ I said alot of stuff about Game
but I’m learnin’ people make mistakes man but (these are one of those
things) I just don’t understand how it happend after 50 reached out and
helped you, we basically fed you because (we had to write ) the whole half
of your album yanno let him product you,he let him write you, wrote you a beat I don’t
understand and till this day I dont understand how any of this happened yanno. .

Rap Basement: Already, anything else you would like to add?

Tony Yayo: Oh I would like to say a few shout outs Justo my condilances
for his family that had passed away yanno he was the founder mixtape awards, He was the only dude that supported me with the
mixtapes. Banks wanted me give a word, 50, Whoo kidd, everybody. Yanno my album comes out August 30th
every song on there is a classic. August 30th to sell it GIVE IT UP!