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July 04 Movie Preview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Release Dates Movies
July 2nd -Before Sunset (limited)
-De-Lovely (limited)
-The Clearing (limited)
July 7th -King Arthur
July 9th -Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
July 14th -The Door in the Floor (limited)
July 16th -A Cinderella Story
-I, Robot
-Maria Full Of Grace (limited)
July 23rd -De-Lovely (limited)
-The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
-The Bourne Supremacy
July 25th -Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut (limited)
-A Home at the End Of The World
July 28th -She Hate Me (NY, LA)
July 30th -Garden State (limited)
-Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
-Intimate Strangers (limited)
-The Manchurian Candidate
-The Village
July 2nd
Title: Before Sunset (limited)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Studio: Warner Independent Pictures

Director: Richard Linklater

Tagline: What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?

Website: http://www.beforesunset.com

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

Plot Outline: Nine years ago, two strangers met by chance, spent a night together in Vienna, and parted before sunrise. Now, they’re about to cross paths again – in Paris — where they will get the chance we all wish we had … to find out what might have been. The only problem is they have just a few hours to figure out if they belong together. Directed by Richard Linklater (“Waking Life,” “Before Sunrise”), the film reunites Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for language and sexual references)

Title: De-Lovely (limited)

Genre: Drama, Musical

Studio: MGM

Director: Irwin Winkler

Tagline: A love that would never die and music that would live forever

Website: http://www.delovelymovie.com

Starring: Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd, Jonathan Pryce, Angie Hill, Keith Allen, John Barrowman, Natalie Cole, Allan Corduner, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Nicola Dawn, Lara Fabian, Vivian Green, Mick Hucknall, Diana Krall, Alanis Morissette, Lemar Obika, Caroline O’Connor, Peter Polycarpou, Robbie Williams

Plot Outline: De-Lovely is an original musical portrait of American composer Cole Porter, filled with his unforgettable songs. In the film, Porter is looking back on his life as if it was one of his spectacular stage shows, with the people and events of his life becoming the actors and action onstage. Through elaborate production numbers and legendary hits like “Anything Goes,” “It’s De-Lovely,” and “Night and Day,” Porter’s elegant, excessive past comes to light – including his deeply complicated relationship with his wife and muse, Linda Lee Porter.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sexual content)

Title: The Clearing (limited)

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Director: Pieter Jan Brugge

Tagline: n/a

Website: http://www.foxsearchlight.com/theclearing/

Starring: Robert Redford, Willem Dafoe, Helen Mirren, Alessandro Nivola, Melissa Sagemiller

Plot Outline: Wayne and Eileen Hayes (Redford, Mirren) appear to be living the American dream, until that dream becomes a living nightmare. A self-made tycoon, Wayne is seemingly invincible. But all illusions are shattered when he is kidnapped in broad daylight from their peaceful Pittsburgh estate. Under the microscope of a probing FBI investigation and her own painstaking introspection, Eileen too is a victim. Meanwhile, Wayne, with his fate resting in the hands of a kidnapper (Dafoe) who has nothing to lose and everything to gain, finds himself in the most important negotiation ever – for his life….

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for brief strong language)

July 7th
Title: King Arthur

Genre: Action, Drama

Studio: Touchstone Pictures

Director: Antonie Fuqua

Tagline: Rule your fate.

Website: http://www.kingarthurmovie.com

Starring: Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, Keira Knightley, Hugh Dancy, Ioan Gruffudd, Stellan Skarsgard, Ray Winstone, Valeria Cavalli, Charlie Creed-Miles, Joel Edgerton, Sean Gilder, Pat Kinevane, Ivano Marescotti, Mads Mikkelsen, Til Schweiger, Ray Stevenson, Ken Stott

Plot Outline: Based on a more realistic portrayal of “Arthur” than has ever been presented onscreen. The film will focus on the history and politics of the period during which Arthur ruled — when the Roman empire collapsed and skirmishes over power broke out in outlying countries — as opposed to the mystical elements of the tale on which past Arthur films have focused.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG (for brief mild language)

July 9th
Title: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Dream Works Pictures

Director: Adam McKay

Tagline: His news is bigger then yours.

Website: http://www.anchorman-themovie.com

Starring: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Vince Vaughn, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Steve Carell, Fred Willard, Chris Parnell, Kevin Corrigan, Chuck D, Tara Subkoff, Maya Rudolph, Steven Root

Plot Outline: Will Ferrell stars as Ron Burgundy, the top-rated anchorman in San Diego in the ’70s. When feminism marches into the newsroom in the form of ambitious newswoman Veronica Corningstone (Applegate), Ron is willing to play along at first-as long as Veronica stays in her place, covering cat fashion shows, cooking, and other “female” interests. But when Veronica refuses to settle for being eye candy and steps behind the news desk, it’s more than a battle between two perfectly coiffed anchor-persons…it’s war.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sexual humor, language and comic violence)

Title: Sleepover

Genre: Comedy

Studio: MGM

Director: Joe Nussbaum

Tagline: The rules are set. The game is on.

Website: http://www.sleepovermovie.com

Starring: Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem, Scout Taylor-Compton, Kalli Flynn Childress, Sam Huntington, Steve Carell, Jeff Garlin, Jane Lynch, Eileen April Boylan, Sean Faris, Alice Greczyn, Brie Larson, Thad Luckinbill, Hunter Parrish, Sara Paxton, Evan Peters, Katija Pevec, Ryan Slattery, Douglas Smith, Johnny Sneed

Plot Outline: In the summer before their freshman year in high school, Julie (Vega) has a slumber party with her best friends, Hannah, Yancy, and Farrah – and they end up having the adventure of their lives. In attempt to cast off their less-than-cool reputations once and for all, Julie and her friends enter into an all-night scavenger hunt against their “popular girl” rivals. Hijacking dad’s car, sneaking into clubs, evading Julie’s mother, and even a first kiss – anything is possible at Julie’s Sleepover.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG (thematic elements involving teen dating, some sensuality and language)

July 14th
Title: The Door in the Floor (limited)

Genre: Drama

Studio: Focus Features

Director: Tod Williams

Tagline: The most dangerous secrets are the ones we’re afraid to tell ourselves.

Website: http://www.thedoorinthefloor.com

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Mimi Rogers, Bijou Phillips

Plot Outline: An adaptation of John Irving’s novel “A Widow for One Year”. Alternatively tragic and comic, “The Door in the Floor” explores the complexities of love in both its brightest and darkest corners. Set in the privileged beach community of East Hampton, New York, the film chronicles one pivotal summer in the lives of famous children’s books author Ted Cole (Bridges) and his beautiful wife Marion (Basinger). Their once-great marriage has been strained by tragedy. Her resulting despondency and his subsequent infidelities have prevented the couple from confronting a much-needed change in their relationship. Eddie O’Hare, the young man Ted hires to work as his summer assistant, is the couple’s unwitting yet willing pawn – and, ultimately, the catalyst in the transformation of their lives.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for strong sexuality and graphic images, and language)

July 16th
Title: A Cinderella Story

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: Mark Rosman

Tagline: Once upon a time… can any time.

Website: http://acinderellastory.warnerbros.com

Starring: Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray, Regina King, Julie Gonzalo, Lin Shaye, Brad Bufanda

Plot Outline: Set at a high school in the San Fernando Valley, this is the story of a “dorky” girl, Sam Martin (Duff), who lives with her stepmother (Coolidge) and stepsisters, after her father dies, and his diner is taken over by his new wife, who used to be a waitress there and who makes Sam do all the hard work there. Sam has few friends at her high school, where the top of the social ladder is Shelby Cummings (Gonzalo), a girl who is wealthy, spoiled and shallow. Sam’s attitude and look changes quickly overnight, however, when her cel phone is found by a mysterious guy (Murray), with whom she soon starts corresponding via notes and e-mails, with the promise looming soon that she will finally get to meet him at the big Halloween school dance…

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG (for mild language and innuendo)

Title: I, Robot

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Director: Alex Proyas

Tagline: What will you do with yours?

Website: http://www.irobotmovie.com

Starring: Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, Chi McBride, Alan Tudyk

Plot Outline: Will Smith stars in this action thriller inspired by the classic short story collection by Isaac Asimov, and brought to the big screen by dynamic and visionary director Alex Proyas (“Dark City,” “The Crow”). In the year 2035, robots are an everyday household item, and everyone trusts them, except one, slightly paranoid detective (Smith) investigating what he alone believes is a crime perpetrated by a robot. The case leads him to discover a far more frightening threat to the human race. “I, Robot” uses a spectacular, state-of-the-art visual effects technique to bring a world of robots to life

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudity)

Title: Maria Full of Grace (limited)

Genre: Drama

Studio: Fine Line Features

Director: Joshua Marston

Tagline: These pellets contain heroine. Each weighs 10 grams. Each is 4.2 cm long and 1.4 cm wide. And they’re on their way to New York in the stomach of a 17-year-old girl.

Website: http://www.mariafullofgrace.com

Starring: Catalina Sandino Moreno, Guilied Lopez, Patricia Rae, Orlando Tobon, John Álex Toro, Yenny Paola Vega

Plot Outline: The film tells the story of one young woman’s journey from a small Colombian town to the streets of New York. A bright, spirited 17-year old, Maria Alvarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) lives with three generations of her family in a cramped house in rural Colombia and works stripping thorns from flowers in a rose plantation. The offer of a lucrative job involving travel – in fact, becoming a drug “mule” – changes the course of her life. Far from the uneventful trip she is promised, Maria is transported into the risky and ruthless world of international drug trafficking. Her mission becomes one of determination and survival and she finally emerges with the grace that will carry her forward into a new life.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for drug content and language)

July 23rd
Title: The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi

Genre: Action, Comedy

Studio: Miramax Films

Director: Takeshi kitano

Tagline: n/a

Website: http://www.justice-is-blind.com

Starring: Takeshi Kitano, Michiyo Ogusu, Taka Gatarukanaru, Yûko Daike, Saburo Ishikura, Tadanobu Asano, Akira Emoto, Hideboh, Ittoku Kishibe, Yui Natsukawa

Plot Outline: Blind Zatoichi makes his living by gambling and giving massages. But behind his humble facade, Zatoichi is a master swordsman, gifted with lightning-fast draw and strokes of breathtaking precision. Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai. He’s destined for violent showdowns when he stumbles on two beautiful geishas avenging their parents’ murder… Duels, wit and a touch of zen! Cult anti-hero Zatoichi is back in a sword-fighting adventure written, directed and starring Takeshi Kitano.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for strong stylized bloody violence)

Title: The Bourne Supremacy

Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller

Studio: Universal Pictures

Director: Paul Greengrass

Tagline: They should have left him alone.

Website: http://www.thebournesupremacy.com

Starring: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, Karl Urban, Tomas Arana, Tom Gallop

Plot Outline: The Bourne Supremacy” re-enters the shadowy world of expert assassin Bourne (Damon), who continues to find himself plagued by splintered nightmares from his former life. The stakes are now even higher for the agent as he coolly maneuvers through the dangerous waters of international espionage-replete with CIA plots, turncoat agents and ever-shifting covert alliances-all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and answers to his own fragmented past.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: n/a

Title: Catwoman

Genre: Action, Adventure

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: Pitof

Tagline: n/a

Website: http://www.catwoman.com

Starring: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson, Alex Borstein, Michael Massee

Plot Outline: Catwoman is the story of shy, sensitive artist Patience Philips (Halle Berry), a woman who can’t seem to stop apologizing for her own existence. She works as a graphic designer for Hedare Beauty, a mammoth cosmetics company on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-aging product. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she finds herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy. What happens next changes Patience forever. In a mystical twist of fate, she is transformed into a woman with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat. With her newfound prowess and feline intuition, Patience becomes Catwoman, a sleek and stealthy creature balancing on the thin line between good and bad. Like any wild cat, she’s dangerous, elusive and untamed. Out to settle a few scores, Catwoman’s adventures are complicated by a burgeoning relationship with Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt), a cop who has fallen for Patience but cannot shake his fascination with the mysterious Catwoman who appears to be responsible for a string of crime sprees plaguing the city. Oscar-nominee Sharon Stone plays beautiful cosmetics icon Laurel Hedare and Lambert Wilson is George Hedare, Laurel’s pompous husband and owner of Hedare Beauty.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: n/a

July 25rd
Title: Donnie Darko: The Directors Cut (limited) (limited)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi

Studio: Newmarket Film Group

Director: Richard Kelly

Tagline: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Website: http://www.donniedarko.com

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell, Katharine Ross, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle

Plot Outline: In Donnie Darko, a funny, moving and distinctly mind-bending journey through suburban America, one extraordinary but disenchanted teenager is about to take Time’s Arrow for a ride. As Donnie begins to explore what it means to be alive and in love, he uncovers secrets of the universe that give him a tempting power to alter time and destiny. Donnie Darko is a genre-busting fable that blasts the American suburban drama into a wildly imaginative realm of time travel (Ferris Bueller meets Back to The Future), alternative universes and the manipulation of one’s fate. But at the core of Donnie Darko is the simple story of a boy trying to make a stand in a lonely, chaotic world – and discovering that every little thing he does counts on a cosmic scale.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for language, some underage drug and alcohol use, and violence)

Title: A Home at the end of the World

Genre: Drama, Romance

Studio: Warner Independent Pictures

Director: Michael Mayer

Tagline: Family can be whatever you wait it to be.

Website: http://www.ahomeattheendoftheworld.com

Starring: Colin Farrell, Robin Wright Penn, Sissy Spacek, Dallas Roberts, Harris Allan, Joshua Close, Wendy Crewson, Ryan Donowho, Matt Frewer, Brian Rhodes, Erik Smith

Plot Outline: From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Hours” comes a story that chronicles a dozen years in the lives of two best friends who couldn’t be more different. From suburban Cleveland in the 60s, to New York City in the 80s, where they meet an older woman, the film charts a journey of trials, triumphs, loves and losses. Now the question is: can they navigate the unusual triangle they’ve created and hold their friendship together?

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for strong drug content, sexuality, nudity, language and a disturbing accident)

July 28th
Title: She Hate Me (NY, LA)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

Director: Spike Lee

Tagline: One hetrosexual male. 18 lesbians. His fee $10,000…each

Website: http://www.sonyclassics.com/shehateme

Starring: Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin, Monica Bellucci, Jim Brown, Sarita Choudhury, Ossie Davis, Brian Dennehy, Woody Harrelson, Bai Ling, Lonette McKee, Paula Jai Parker, Dania Ramirez, Q-Tip, John Turturro

Plot Outline: Fired from his job for exposing corrupt business practices, a former biotech executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for strong graphic sexuality/nudity, language and a scene of violence)

July 30th
Title: Garden State (limited)

Genre: comedy, Drama

Studio: Fox Searchlight Films, Miramax Films

Director: Zach Braff

Tagline: n/a

Website: http://www.foxsearchlight.com/gardenstate/

Starring: Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Ian Holm, Method Man, Peter Sarsgaard, Jean Smart, Geoffrey Arend, Alex Burns, Aunjanue Ellis, Ato Essandoh, Jayne Houdyshell, Rob Liebman, Jim Parsons, Armando Riesco

Plot Outline: When Andrew Largeman (Braff) returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, he reconnects with old friends and – since he’s gone off his depression medication – himself. A chance meeting with Sam (Natalie Portman), who also suffering from various maladies, opens his world to the possibility of rekindling emotional attachments, confronting his psychologist father, and perhaps beginning a new life.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for language, drug use and a scene of sexuality)

Title: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Genre: Comedy

Studio: New Line Cinema

Director: Danny Leiner

Tagline: Fast Food. High Times.

Website: http://www.haroldandkumar.com

Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Anthony Anderson, Dan Bochart, Steve Braun, Brooke D’Orsay, Ethan Embry, Paula Garcés, Luis Guzmán, Neil Patrick Harris, Jon Hurwitz, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Kate Kelton, Jamie Kennedy, David Krumholtz, Bobby Lee, Christopher Meloni, Ryan Reynolds, Hayden Schlossberg, Siu Ta, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Dov Tiefenbach, Robert Tinkler, Fred Willard, Gary Anthony Williams

Plot Outline: In the great cinematic tradition of “Road Trip” and “Dude, Where’s My Car?” comes “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” which follows two likeable underdogs who set out on a Friday night quest to satisfy their craving for White Castle hamburgers and end up on an epic journey of deep thoughts, deeper inhaling and a wild road trip as “un-PC” as it gets. John Cho (“American Pie 1 & 2”) and Kal Penn (“Malibu’s Most Wanted”) take on the title roles in the film directed by Danny Leiner (“Dude, Where’s My Car?”). “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” is produced by Greg Shapiro and written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. The film features cameos by Ethan Embry, Jamie Kennedy, Anthony Anderson, Ryan Reynolds and Luis Guzman.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for strong language, sexual content, drug use and some crude humor)

Title: Intimate Strangers (limited)

Genre: Drama

Studio: Paramount Classics

Director: Patrice Leconte

Tagline: She confused him for a therapist and told him her deepest secrets. Now, two people who never should have met are discovering there’s nothing more seductive than the truth.

Website: http://www.paramountclassics.com/strangers/

Starring: Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Bonnaire, Michel Duchaussoy, Anne Brochet, Hélène Surgère

Plot Outline: Because she picked the wrong door, Anna ends up confessing her marriage problems to a financial adviser named William Faber. Touched by her distress, somewhat excited as well, Faber does not have the courage to tell her that he is not a psychiatrist. From appointment to appointment, a strange ritual is created between them. William is moved by the young woman and fascinated to hear the secrets that no man ever heard.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for sexual dialogue)

Title: The Manchurian Candidate

Genre: Thriller

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Director: Jonatha Demme

Tagline: This summer everything is under control.

Website: http://www.manchuriancandidatemovie.com

Starring: Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Kimberly Elise, Jeffrey Wright, Ted Levine

Plot Outline: A psychological thriller, “The Manchurian Candidate” stars Denzel Washington as Army Major Bennett Marco, a career soldier who grows suspicious about his experience in Desert Storm after Squad Sergeant Raymond Shaw (Schreiber), son of the powerful Senator Eleanor Shaw (Streep), becomes a candidate for Vice President.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: R (for violence and some language)

Title: Thunderbirders

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Studio: Universal Pictures

Director: Jonathan Frakes

Tagline: Coming To The Rescue

Website: http://www.thunderbirdsmovie.com

Starring: TBill Paxton, Anthony Edwards, Sophia Myles, Brady Corbet, Soren Fulton, Vanessa Hudgens, Ben Kingsley

Plot Outline: Having narrowly averted a major disaster on an oil rig, the Thunderbirds have just returned home to their secret base when TB5, their space based station, is critically damaged in a suspected meteor strike. Unbeknown to them, the attack on TB5 is a deliberate ploy by international master criminal Aristotle Spode to get them off the island. He takes over the island and drugs Brains into submission. But Spode has overlooked one key factor: Alan, Fermat and Tin Tin are still on the island.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG (for intense action sequences and language)

Title: The Village

Genre: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller

Studio: Touchtone Pictures

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Tagline: Run. The truce is ending.

Website: http://thevillage.movies.com

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brendan Gleeson, Judy Greer, Jayne Atkinson, Michael Pitt, Cherry Jones, Celia Weston, Fran Kranz

Plot Outline: Covington Pennsylvania is a nice quiet town surrounded by a beautiful forest where strange, and unseen creatures live. The people of Covington have a small, yet essential agreement with these creatures. Do not to come to our village, we will not come to your woods. It’s as simple as that. But Lucius, one of the townfolk, realizes it’s not fair to be completely confined to the town, and goes into the woods for something no one knows about. Not long after, the town is under attack. Red blood slashes are found on the doors all over the village, and pretty soon, the creatures have agreed with Lucius. Why stay in the woods when there’s a village to be explored, and people to be hunted.

Trailer: Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for scenes of violence and frightening situations)

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