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D12 – D12 World

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: D12 – D12 World
Reviewed By: Mycall
Release Date: April 27th, 04
Rating: 7/10
1. Git Up
2. Loyalty
3. Just Like U
4. I’ll Be Damned
5. Dude [Skit]
6. My Band
7. U R the One
8. 6 in the Morning
9. How Come
10. Leave Dat Boy Alone
11. Get My Gun
12. Bizarre [Skit]
13. B****
14. Steve’s Coffee House [Skit] 15. D-12 World
16. 40 Oz.
17. Commercial Break – Rondell Beene
18. American Psycho II
19. Bugz 97 [Skit] –
20. Good Die Young
21. Keep Talkin
So no, this album does not match up to their classic 2001
hit, Devils Night. It’s different. It seems as if on some songs (Git
Up, 40 oz) they try to match up what the “artists” are doing
today. What really isn’t expected from D-12, but here’s my track-by-track

1. Get Up
Very creative drum line done by Eminem, with a catchy sax in the background.
But, Eminem hasn’t been at his best since…he signed 50 cent, but
very creative flow, and it gets me pumped up. I like the though talking
verse from Swift and Kuniva as well. It’s an okay opener.

2. Loyalty
I like the whole loyalty vibe in this song, also Obie’s verse. But still,
the song didn’t appear to me as some other ones.

3. Just Like You
Hi-Tek may get some more rep from the mainstream as opposed to his work
with Talib Kweli. Great beat. And Bizarre, at his best. “Son, your
daddy got a foul mouth. For fuckin, bitches in the foul mouth”.
That one had me laughing. Bizzy buts the Izzy in D-Twizzy. But some of
the stuff was predictable Bizarre humor. Still a good song.

4. I’ll be Dammed
Ah, this is the Playas anthem of the album (“I aint set the stroke
and I aint for games
I just came to fuck and maybe get some brain”) Good shit to dance
to in the club, I guess… I like this.

5. N/A

My Band
6. I love this song (although people don’t seem do get the message
of it, and it’s already played out) because it’s a great way
to make fun of how the media puts them, thereselfs, ECT. Just good material.


7. U R the One
Horrible. It’s a corny little love song. Makes Dirty Dozen look
soft, man. I thought they didn’t do this shit.

8. 6 In The AM
I liked it when it leaked awhile ago, but know it’s just filler
material. But as for the song, it’s got average verses. Nothing

9. How Come
Sicknotes do a great job on this. They did a great job pulling off this
personal song, getting shit of their chest. Love this shit

10. Leave Dat Boy Alone
Red Spyda sounded different with this beat. But I liked the hook. Just
didn’t feel the verses.

11. Get My Gun
Anyone see the irony in doing one song giving tribute to Bugz, but at
the same time, they have a lot of songs talking about the shit that got
Bugz killed? “Get my Gun” is one of those tracks. Just because
Em sighed 50 cent doesn’t mean he is gangster as well. Put, it was
an ok song.

12. N/a

13. Bitch
“Aha, these bitches always be all… giggling and shit” Em
states. That man speaks the truth. Girls who like that type of shit, don’t
care what the song says, just as long the beat is something they can shake
their tuccas too. “It don’t matter, I’m just blabbering
like you understand what I’m saying anyway I’m just traveling in one ear
and I’m out the other you’re so fuckin drunk all you hear is the
beat and the beat I could be saying anything” taunts Em, basically
repeating what I just said. I loved how Kon Artists was being a jerk to
that girl, and Kuniva (who appeared to be in MAD DASH mode) tries to make
it look like as if he isn’t saying anything bad about her. But he
ends up giving up, and probably jacking off tonight. Love the premise;
I was waiting for someone to take this on, and who better, then one of
my favorite groups?

14. N/a

15. D-12 World
“Welcome to D12 World!
Where you can get anything from sex, X, to girls” If D-12 world
is nice as this song is, I’ll love to start my new life their. Loving
the Kanyes Indy-type approach with this beat. It seems as if they’re
trying to take it back to the Hip-Hop shop days, just 4/8 bars, then pass
the mic. And, trying to give you a glimpse into their world. Good shit.


16. 40 Oz
Same thing as I said with “U R The One”. I didn’t expect
this kind of song from D-12. Em comes, surprisingly with a bad verse,
but his delivery saves it, but Kuniva and Proof murder it!

17. Commercial Break
Ahh, got to love Young Zee. Great way to spit the here-I-come, get used
to me shit.

18. American Psycho 2
One of my favorite songs on the album. Had this on replay. Liked
the little James bondish guitar put in by Dre.

19. Good Die Young
Great, yet sad tribute track. This is not only to Bugz, but everyone
who has died young.

20. Keep Talking
Yet more filler. Liked it when it came out last year,

Over all, I give this album a 7/10. I’d love it
more if they’d cut the Club songs, Love songs, and gangster songs. And
go back to the Devils Night and Hip-hop shop days more.