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Shady National Convention Review & Pictures

Posted By on January 15, 2005

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The Shady National Convention was definitely an event everyone should have had a chance to attend. The mock-political convention for candidate Eminem a.k.a. Slim Shady was filled with celebrity speeches, start studded cameos, performances & more.

The evening started out with successful businessman, and now famous TV celebrity, Donald Trump coming to the podium to release a speech filled with “pro-shady” comments and crowd-pleasing comments that fueled the night that was to become one of the most unique, remarkable events of the year.

Later many famous people gave speeches proclaiming Eminem as their candidate of choice like Busta Rhymes, Method Man, P-Diddy & even “Special-Ed” from Comedy Centrals TV show “Crank Yankers” who proclaimed he was Eminem’s “running mate” for the election.

The speeches were capped off with the man himself, Eminem, coming to the podium dressed in a suit in a presidential manner. Sporting eyeglasses, Eminem gave a comedic mock conventional speech, which included many jokes, extreme comments and more. Saying that he wanted to speak from his heart and off the top of his head, not using a teleprompter, Eminem faked not being able to read his speech from the papers in front of him not to mention, two actual teleprompters positioned in front of the “Shady” podium.

The evening continued with live performances starting with Eminem backed by his label mates, hype man Proof (of D12) & DJ Green Lantern, performing such controversial songs as “Mosh” & “Just Lose It” from his upcoming album Encore, in stores November 12th. Surprise performances by D12, Obie Trice & Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo followed making this event also one of the top concerts of the year.

Fan Reviews

“I thought the show was wild. The performances were all on point. Busta got the crowd hyped like hell. Obie is one of my favorites, and he rocked it right. Eminem did a good job… with such a small and nice sized venue, anywhere you were standing was a good spot and you felt totally apart of the show. **The songs that were picked to be performed were SICK. Definitely an impressive selection, a lot of songs I wouldn’t think of to be performed were. To sum up, to be there was one of the luckiest things. And if you were there, you know why. Once the performances started, it was off the hook.”
-Nick Falcone

“I really enjoyed this show. It was amazing. After going to the Roc the Mic Tour as well as the D12 World Tour and seeing everyone perform with out Em, this made up for all of those concerts times 10. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be there because I was in the back along with lots of other people from the D12World Board waiting to get in. Having all the Shady family perform together was amazing. I really enjoyed this concert and getting the tickets for free was also a bonus. This was absolutely utterly amazing. Thanks a lot Jason and Dave and Interscope/Aftermath/Shady or whoever else made this possible”
-Jonathan McGovern

“The Shady National Convention in NYC was a great experience. Just the chance to see Eminem perform live, and for free, was incredible. The amount of different performers on stage was nice. And the room was small enough that everyone was really close to the stage. Having Trump open the show was a great idea, and the convention theme looked good, with all the signs and red, white, and blue around me. The red carpet entrance was crazy. Overall, it was an amazing night and why not do it more often??”
-Scott Weiner

“One thing is for sure; the Shady National Convention shows that Shady/Interscope really knows how to care about their fans. They give a free concert with everyone from Shady Records performing in a small concert area which makes it really fun. Fifty-Cent, Obie Trice, d12, and of course Eminem did some spectacular performances. The cream of the crop was guest appearances from Donald Trump and Busta Rhymes. Eminem was a little under the weather but that was fine. Where in the world could all these stars show up for such a small crowd and big event? Great show, great appearances, thanks Dave and Jason once again, thanks Shady/Interscope.”
-Rav S.

“Along with several hundred fortunate fans, I was invited to witness this historic debut. The premiere took a decidedly Shady turn as Slim mocked modern political conventions. In a humorously moronic political address, Shady hurled clichés at the audience and stammered through an inarticulate and laughable speech. Then, a few minutes after he stiffly walked off-stage, Eminem returned to launch “Mosh”—a politically charged attack on the Iraq war and President Bush’s incompetent attempt to battle terrorism. The audience clearly related to Eminem’s view of modern American politics and our enthusiastic outrage was palpable as we sang along with Shady. In my opinion, the Shady National Convention sent a clear message to America. We must empower the disaffected youth through hip-hop, and the real Slim Shady is the ideal type of hero who is capable of reviving our passions for political justice. As we observe Eminem charge to battle with his political enemies, we can learn from his example. On an individual level, one must realize “This is what I am; this is what I am capable of”. Similarly, on a cultural level, we must examine the message that he sends in his music. Essentially, Eminem’s “Explicit Content” magnifies the shady nature of our society. As glorious as American society may be, given the vast opportunities in our culture, we must also recognize the truth of Eminem’s “Explicit Content”. Finally, the censors cannot hide this message. At long last, the airways are able to freely broadcast the truth of Eminem’s “Explicit Content”. Now that Sirius has opened the airwaves, Shady’s call to action can be heard around the world and the FCC cannot interfere.”
-Tani Graham Shaffer (Author of “Explicit Content: Why You Should Listen to the Shady Side of Hip-Hop”)

“Beautifully orchestrated. The message was quite clear and hopefully many more people will be inspired to Vote and make a change. Cheers to Em for once again stepping to the plate and becoming the voice for so many w/out one. Snaps! To the Hip Hop community for embracing the future of our country. I walked away energized and proud to me a Shady Family supporter and PROUD to have already voted!”
-Stephy G

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